iOptron ST-80 User Manual



With Electronic Eyepiece


User Guide

The ST-80 Microscope

Thank you for purchasing your student microscope from iOptron®. The ST-80 Microscope is both versatile and easy to use with the ability to magnify objects 4x to 1024x. In addition, it comes with an

electronic eyepiece to allow you to directly view and capture images or videos onto your computer. The ST-80 Microscope makes studying plant and insect samples easy and fun.

Parts Diagram



Additional Parts:

CD with Driver and Software Electronic eyepiece

5V Power Adapter

Microscope Cover Sample Box Hard Case

Light Pen

2. Eyepiece

1. Focus Knob

3. On/Off Switch

4.Aperture Adjustment Wheel

Caution: This device includes some sharp objects. Adult supervision is required when children are using device.

Setting Up Your Microscope

Step 1. Setting the monocular.

Loosen the fastening screw (need picture), twist the monocular attachment to the desired position, and retighten the fastening screw.

Step 2. Setting the objective.

Rotate the revolving nosepiece to select the 4x objective.

Do not rotate the nosepiece by the objectives. Instead, use the ring the above the objectives

Step 3. Setting the mechanical stage.

Raise the stage with the focusing knob until it cannot go any further.

Focusing knob

Step 4. Setting the illumination unit.

Spin the illumination wheel to the lowest setting.

Step 5. Connecting the power.

Connect the power adapter to the microscope before plugging into the wall outlet.

Setting Up Your Electronic Eyepiece






Step 1. Removing the eyepiece.











Remove the original eyepiece AND eyepiece attachment tube (inside)











the monocular. Insert the electronic eyepiece into the monocular tube (as










shown in picture here).





Step 2. Connecting the electronic eyepiece to the computer via the
















USB cable.







USB cable

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