iOptron SMARTSTAR CUBEPROTM 8200 User Manual


SmartStar® CubePro™ GOTO AltAz Mount with GPS #8200


Alt Azimuth Mount– The Cube™ The only mount of its kind for ultimate rotation

Includes the GoToNovaTM Controller. The most intuitive controller on the market.

130,000 object database with 256 user defined objects

The largest LCD screen on the market with 8 lines and 21 character Hand Control with backlit LED buttons.

USB Port for PC Laptop control and firmware upgrades (ASCOM protocol)

Metal worm & gear for increased stability & performance

Drive motor with 9 speed setting for precise tracking

Dual axis Servomotor

Standard equipment AC adaptor (Optional DC adaptor available)

1 inch full height tripod with metal hinges

Built in 32 Channel GPS

12 lb. payload


Telescope Mount (with built in GPS)

AC Adaptor with cord

#8401 Hand Controller

Controller Cable


Tripod bolt (with black shaft) and Tray Lock

Tripod Tray

1.5 kg Counterweight

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Quick Set up

Note: This is a brief outline for getting started. Please refer to the full manual at for


2) Up


Step 1.

Extend tripod legs to full extension.

Step 2.

Attach mount to tripod using the long bolt (#7). Slide tray on bottom of shaft. Then screw on round black knob (#9).

Step 3.

Attach telescope to mount using dovetail lock (#2).

Step 4.

Set telescope to PARK POSITION. (1) Position the mount so that the “S” is facing south. (2) The telescope tube should be pointed directly up at the zenith. If it is not perfectly straight then loosen the altitude lock (#4) to adjust telescope.

Step 5.

Level the mount using the bubble on side of mount by adjusting tripod legs. It is also suggested to use additional levels to assure very precise level.

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