iOptron GO2NOVA 3100 User Manual



Quick Start Guide

The SmartEQ™ Portable German Equatorial GOTO Mount #3100


• One 2 lbs (0.9 kg) counterweight

Telescope Mount

• One hand controller cable

Go2NovaTM #8408 Hand Controller

1.25-inch Tripod with accessory tray


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Quick Setup

1.Setup tripod: Expand the tripod legs. Put the Accessory Tray onto the Tripod Support Bracket. Slightly push down Accessory Tray while turn it, until the tray is locked into the Tripod Support Bracket. (Figure 1). Adjust the tripod height by unlocking and re-locking the tripod leg screws (not shown) to a desired height. Position the tripod so that the Alignment Peg faces north, if you are in Northern Hemisphere (Figure 2).

Alignment peg

Accessory tray

Tripod support bracket

Lock point


Figure 1

Figure 2

The Alignment Peg may be moved to the opposite position if used at latitude lower than 20º to avoid counterweights hit the tripod leg.

2.Attach the SmartEQ mount: Remove the Latitude Adjustment Screw from its Storage Position by unscrewing it all the way out (Figure 3). Retract the Azimuth Adjustment Knobs to allow enough clearance for the Alignment Peg seating in the house. Tighten the Azimuth Lock to secure the mount (Figure 4).

Lat. adj. screw

Azi. adj. knob (X2)


Azimuth lock

Figure 3. Remove Latitude Adjustment Screw

Figure 4. Install mount onto the tripod

Thread in the Latitude Adjustment Screw into the Adjustment Position, a threaded hole above the Storage Position (Figure 5). Loosen the Latitude Clutch Screw and tune the Latitude Adjustment Screw to raise the mount altitude (latitude) to about 30 degree, as shown in Figure 6.




Latitude dial


Storage position

Latitude clutch

Figure 5. Move latitude adjustment screw

Figure 6. Adjust mount latitude

3.Install Batteries and Connect Cables: There are two battery compartments that each can hold 4 AA batteries (Figure 7). Lift the battery cover. Carefully pull out the battery holder from the compartment. Be sure not to


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