Infinity RS 3, RS 1, RS 2 User Manual

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Reference Standard (RS)

Bookshelf Speaker Systems

Models RS 1, RS 2, RS 3

Owner’s Manual

Part #333365-001


The Infinity RS Series is our newest family of bookshelf and floorstanding speaker systems, featuring advanced acoustic technology, highest-quality components, and exceptional cabinet designs. The RS 1, RS 2, and RS 3 models are 2-way, vented bookshelf systems, while the RS 4 and RS 5 are 2-way, vented high-output tower models.

All products use efficient drivers for maximum stereo output with minimal amplifier power. They are magnetically shielded, making them suitable for home theater applications as well.


If you suspect damage from transit, report it immediately to your dealer and/or delivery service.

Keep the shipping carton and packing materials for future use.

These speakers are covered by a Limited Warranty (see Limited Five-Year Warranty on page 8), so save the sales receipt to protect your purchase and aid in any service-related questions. Also, save these instructions for future reference.

Declaration of Conformity

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declare in own responsibility, that the product described

in this owner’s manual is in compliance with technical


EN 50 081-1/1992

EN 50 082-1/3.1995

Steen Michaelsen

Infinity Systems A/S

Birkerød. DENMARK. 3/97

Infinity RS 3, RS 1, RS 2 User Manual



Figure 1. Experiment with speaker placement to obtain the best bass level and stereo imaging in your room.


Before deciding where to put your RS Series bookshelf speakers, survey your room and think about placement, keeping the following points in mind:

These speakers are designed for placement on surfaces such as bookshelves, a low table, or speaker stands.

For best results, try placing the speakers closer together than the distance to the listening area.

Position each speaker so that the top of the cabinet is between 25 and 50 inches above the floor.

Refer to Figure 1 when placing speakers for best bass level and stereo image (see Final Adjustments on page 6).

Refer to Home Theater Placement on the next page if you also plan to use the speakers for home theater reproduction.

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