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IBM 8271 Model 712 Switch

User’s Guide + Quick Reference Guide




















































































































































































































































4 x rubber feet

Quick Installation Guide









































































































































































2 x mounting brackets + 6 x fixing screws

Release Notes

Installing the Switch


DANGER: 02L1318.

The User’s Guide also contains further information on the following steps.

Into a 19 inch rack

Fit the brackets as shown in 1 (below) to each side of the unit. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, secure the unit into the rack.

On the wall

Place the unit the right way up on a hard flat surface with the front facing towards you. Fit the brackets as shown in 2 (below) to each side of the unit. Place the base of the unit against the wall, ensuring that the ventilation holes face sidewards and the front panel faces upwards. Secure using suitable screws and fixings (not supplied). The wall surface should be smooth, flat, dry and sturdy. Use a plywood sheet between the unit and wall if necessary.

1As required:

a Fit a Plug-in Module

b Connect network cabling

2Connect the power cord to the IEC socket on the rear of the Switch, and to your mains socket.

The 8271 Model 712 Switch has no ON/OFF switch; the only method of connecting or disconnecting mains power is through the power cord.

3The Switch enters a Power On Self Test (POST). The time taken for the test to complete is dependent on the type of POST configured for the unit. For a new Switch that is being installed for the first time, power-up takes approximately 18 seconds.

4Check the status LEDs to ensure the Switch is operating correctly.

Intelligent Flow Management (IFM) should be disabled if the port is connected to a repeated segment where the traffic is mainly local to that segment.

Further information on these steps is available in:

3IBM 8271 Nways Ethernet LAN Switch Model 712 User’s Guide,

Part Number 02L1318

3IBM 8271 Nways Ethernet LAN Switch Model 712 Quick Reference Guide, Part Number 02L1350

Part No. 02L1350

Published October 1997