IBM iSeries 270 and 820 SENG-3002-01 User Manual

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iSeries 270 and 820

30xx Memory

Card Installation

Version 5


iSeries 270 and 820

30xx Memory

Card Installation

Version 5



Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read the “Safety and Environmental Notices” on page iii and the “Notices” on page 19.

Second Edition (May 2001)

This edition applies only to reduced instructions set computer (RISC) systems.

© Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 2000, 2001. All rights reserved.

US Government Users Restricted Rights – Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

Safety and Environmental Notices

Danger Notices

A danger notice calls attention to a situation that is potentially lethal or extremely hazardous to people.


To prevent a possible electrical shock during an electrical storm, do not connect or disconnect cables or station protectors for communications lines, display stations, printers, or telephones. (RSFTD003)


To prevent a possible electrical shock from touching two surfaces with different electrical grounds, use one hand, when possible, to connect or disconnect signal cables. (RSFTD004)


An electrical outlet that is not correctly wired could place hazardous voltage on metal parts of the system or the products that attach to the system. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the outlet is correctly wired and grounded to prevent an electrical shock. (RSFTD201)


To prevent a possible electrical shock when adding or removing any devices to or from the system, ensure that the power cords for those devices are unplugged before the signal cables are connected or disconnected. If possible, disconnect all power cords from the existing system before you add or remove a device. (RSFTD203)

Caution Notices

A caution notice calls attention to a situation that is potentially hazardous to people because of some existing condition.


Telecommunications Statement: This unit contains over-voltage circuits between the ac power outlet and the unit. These circuits meet the standard limits described in International Electrical Commission (IEC) 664, installation category II. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the power outlet meets the standards of IEC 664, installation category II. (RSFTC214)

Laser Safety Information


This product may contain a CD-ROM which is a class 1 laser product. (RSFTC240)

© Copyright IBM Corp. 2000, 2001


Product Recycling and Disposal

Components of the system, such as structural parts and circuit cards, can be recycled where recycling facilities exist. IBM does not currently collect and recycle used IBM products from customers in the United States other than those products that are involved in trade-in programs. Companies are available to disassemble, reutilize, recycle, or dispose of electronic products. Contact an IBM account representative for more information.

The system unit contains batteries and circuit boards with lead solder. Before you dispose of this unit, these batteries and circuit boards must be removed and discarded according to local regulations or recycled where facilities exist. This book contains specific information on each battery type where applicable.

Battery Return Program

In the United States, IBM has established a collection process for reuse, recycling, or proper disposal of used IBM batteries and battery packs. For information on proper disposal of the batteries in this unit, please contact IBM at 1-800-426-4333. Please have the IBM part number that is listed on the battery available when you make your call. For information on battery disposal outside the United States, contact your local waste disposal facility.

Environmental Design

The environmental efforts that have gone into the design of the system signify IBM’s commitment to improve the quality of its products and processes. Some of these accomplishments include the elimination of the use of Class I ozone-depleting chemicals in the manufacturing process, reductions in manufacturing wastes, and increased product energy efficiency. For more information, contact an IBM account representative.

iv 30xx Memory Card Installation V5R1

Installation Instructions

Before you begin

__ 1. Take a minute to become familiar with these instructions. Note that you may not complete every step in this instruction.

__ 2. These instructions contain steps on how to install memory (main storage cards), including adding another 2884 card assembly, into the system unit.

__ 3. This feature is customer installed. The installation of this feature is intended for an experienced user who understands industry terminology and who has some system experience. If you elect not to perform this feature installation yourself, contact IBM® or an Authorized Dealer. They can perform the feature installation for a fee.

__ 4. When you use these instructions, you will do the following:

vRemove the system unit covers.

vInstall your new hardware.

vInstall covers.

vIPL your operating system.

vVerify your new hardware configuration.

You need to allow additional time to complete your jobs, back up your system, IPL your system, and verify your hardware configuration.

__ 5. Some of the pictures in these instructions may not look exactly like the system unit that you have. However, the steps to perform the task are the same.

__ 6. Ensure that you have a current backup of your operating system and licensed programs. If you have backed up the operating system and licensed programs since the last time you applied PTFs, that backup is acceptable.

__ 7. If there are incorrect, missing or visibly damaged parts, contact one of the following:

vYour authorized dealer

vPoint of purchase (for example, IBM Direct)

vIBM Rochester Manufacturing Automated Information Line (R-MAIL)

1-800-300-8751 (United States)

1-507-253-5242 (worldwide)

__ 8. Determine if there are any existing PTF prerequisites before you install your new feature. Go to this Web site and locate your feature number and OS/400® release and check the prerequisites:

Then do the following to get to the Customer Install Features Prerequisites:

a.Select All Documents

b.Select Collapse

c.Select General Information

d.Select Offerings

e.Select Feature Prerequisites

f.Select Customer Install Features Prerequisites

© Copyright IBM Corp. 2000, 2001


__ 9. If you encounter difficulties during the installation, contact your authorized dealer or service provider.

Powering off the system unit

__ 1. Set the System performance adjustment to a value other than option 0.

__ a. On an iSeries command line, type WRKSYSVAL (QPFRADJ) and press Enter.

__ b. Select the Change option on the Work with System Values display and press Enter.

__ c. If you have a Performance adjustment value of option 1, option 2, or option 3 you do not need to change the value. Press Enter.

If the Performance adjustment value is 0 (No adjustment), it is necessary to change the value to 2.

__ d. Press F3 once to return to the Main Menu.

__ 2. Ensure that all jobs are complete (WRKACTJOB).

__ 3. When all jobs are complete, type: pwrdwnsys *immed on an iSeries command line and press the Enter key.

Note: If you encounter difficulties during the installation, contact your dealer or your service provider.

__ 4. When the iSeries is completely powered down disconnect all PCs from the system unit. Power off all devices, such as printers and displays, that are connected to the system unit.

__ 5. Unplug any power cords, such as printers and displays, from electrical outlets.

__ 6. Unplug the system unit power cord from the electrical outlet.

__ 7. Remove the unit back and side cover. Refer to “Unit Covers” on page 15.

__ 8. Attach the disposable wrist strap to prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging a device. Attach the adhesive part of the foil to an unpainted surface.


a.Follow the same precautions you would use without the wrist strap. The 2209 Disposable Wrist Strap is for static control. It will not increase nor decrease your risk of receiving electric shock when using or working on electrical equipment.

b.Discard the wrist strap immediately and contact your dealer for a replacement, if the disposable wrist strap appears damaged or is cut off. Do not continue until a new wrist strap is available.

c.Remove the liner from the copper foil at the end, when you unroll the strap.

d.Attach the copper foil to an exposed, unpainted metal surface on the frame of the unit (electrical ground).

Identifying the memory location

Depending on which system processor you have, memory can be located on the inside of your system unit or in a separate card assembly (feature 2884).

2 30xx Memory Card Installation V5R1

Figure 1. Location of Access Cover

__ 1. Do you have a 270 system unit?

Yes No

You have a 820 system unit. Go to step 5 on page 4.

__ 2. Does your system unit have an access cover as shown in Figure 1 A?

Yes No

The memory is located on the inside of your 270 system unit. Go to “Installing memory cards inside your system unit” on page 7.

__ 3. Remove the access cover.

Note: A customer can safely use all latches that are colored blue.

__ 4. Figure 2 on page 4 shows the location of the 2884 card assembly in a 270 system unit.

Installation Instructions


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