IBM BM 8270 User Manual

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Fully configurable Token-Ring LAN switch at a competitive cost

IBM 8270 Nways LAN Switch Family


Flexible enough to meet your exact needs

Layer 3 switching

Multiprotocol support

Full-duplex (bi-directional) communication

ATM uplinks

Three new MSS Universal Feature Cards

New model

A new member has been added to the IBM 8270 Nways® LAN Switch family of Token-Ring LAN switches. The new Model 600 joins the Model 800, providing a smaller, entry configuration (six slots). Both models allow flexible configuration with rich functionality provided by the common set of Universal Feature Cards they share. Similar to the Model 800, a typical network would benefit from the Model 600 by having each of its highvolume servers placed on dedicated full-duplex segments and having client workstations placed on shared segments using standard Token-Ring concentrators such as the IBM 8239 Token-Ring Hub.

New features

Two new UFCs extend MSS forwarding and routing services to the 8270 Nways LAN Switch Family. Both the MSS Client

IBM 8270 Nways Token-Ring Switch

IBM 8270 Nways Token-Ring Switch

Model 600

Model 800

and MSS Domain Client Universal Feature Cards (UFCs) provide forwarding and routing services.The MSS Client also has an integrated ATM port and provides ATM-to-LAN port bridging. These client-function products complete the MSS client/server family and allow the MSS Server products to perform their job in the network at maximum efficiency. Along with virtual LAN (VLAN) support by protocol, OSI Layer 2 and 3 forwarding of IP, IPX,AppleTalk and BanyanVINES protocols are provided.

Cost-effectiveToken-Ring switching

The IBM 8270 Nways Token-Ring LAN Switch provides a cost-effective solution to Token-Ring LAN performance requirements. With a minimum of disruption to existing networks, you can significantly address LAN performance.

A powerful LAN switch

With the 8270 you can build large switched networks with high-speed uplinks. A redundant power supply is available to help ensure continuous operation.

You can configure the versatile, modular 8270 LAN switch to:

Add from 4 to 30 ports to your network configuration, more ports per switch than any other model.

Install uplink UFCs to connect native protocols to high-speed links like highspeed Token Ring,ATM or the IBM 8260 Nways Multiprotocol Switching Hub.

Available UFCs include:

4-Port Token-Ring Enhanced UTP/STP

2-Port Token-Ring Enhanced Fiber

1-Port ATM Token-Ring II MMF

MMS Client MMF

MSS Client SMF

MSS Domain Client

Chassis-based for flexibility

Universal Feature Card slots allow you to build a wide variety of switched network configurations using the broad set of optional feature cards that are shared between both models. This set of features provides copper and fiber Token-Ring ports, high-speed uplinks and Multiprotocol Switched Services (MSS) Client support.This expands the capabilities of the 8270 with a sophisticated set of VLAN, filtering and Layer 3 switching functions. Unrestricted by a fixed-port configuration, the UFCs can be used in each of the slots of the IBM 8270 to construct a wide variety of switched networks.

High-speed forwarding

When configured with the appropriate number of Token-Ring Universal Feature Cards, the 8270 provides high-speed forwarding of Token-Ring frames among shared or dedicated Token-Ring LAN segments. Similar in function to a multiport bridge, the 8270 forwards Token-Ring frames from one port to another, based on Token-Ring MAC addresses. The 8270 creates multiple, parallel paths among the connected Token-Ring LAN segments and devices.

Supports full-duplex communication

The 8270 supports full-duplex communication with LAN stations equipped with full-duplex Token-Ring adapters. Fullduplex Token-Ring connections can provide up to twice the bandwidth (up to 32 Mbps) of standard half-duplex connections.

1. 2210 Router

2. 8230 Controlled Access Unit

3. 8229 Bridge

4. 8239 Token-Ring Stackable Hub

Figure 1. A typical Token-Ring LAN experiencing congestion

1. 2210 Router

2. 8230 Controlled Access Unit

3. 8229 Bridge

4. 8239 Token-Ring Stackable Hub

5. 8270 Nways Token-Ring LAN Switch Model 600

Figure 2. A Token-Ring switch relieving that congestion

Added capacity and flexibility

With the 8270 you get added capacity and flexibility at a low cost per port.

The LAN shown in Figure 1 has provided excellent service in this data environment. But growth and new graphics applications are causing performance problems on this traditional, shared- media,16-Mbps LAN.

Combining switching, full-duplex- attached servers and micro-segmented, shared-media LANs (Figure 2) gives the following advantages:







2210 Router


8228 MAU






8230 Controlled Access Unit


8270 Nways LAN Switch Model 600


















8272 Nways Token-Ring LAN Model 108


















8226 Token-Ring RJ45 Connection


































































8239 Token-Ring Stackable Hub














































































































































































































• No change to installed adapters

• No change to house wiring

• No change to application software

• Fewer users per segment

• More bandwidth per user

• Reduction in the number of bridges

• Reduced complexity

• Reduced cost

8270 Nways LAN Switch Family Model 800

Backbones remain overburdened by

demands of e-mail, busy servers and Figure 3. Backbone congestion Internet traffic (see Figure 3). Until now

all you could do was install a faster, shared-media LAN like FDDI.

The 8270 Model 800 can act as a powerful workgroup switch or replace the entire backbone with a single switch (see Figure 4). Use TokenPipes to double or quadruple the bandwidth if you need it. TokenPipe allows you to connect up to four parallel, 32-Mbps paths between any two Token-Ring switches, providing as much capacity between switches as you need. This solution means:

• No change to application software

• Elimination or reduction of bridges

• Elimination of all routers except those on the periphery

• Scalable bandwidth between switches using TokenPipes

• Simplified network management

1.2210 Router

2.8230 Controlled Access Unit

3.8228 MAU

4.8270 Nways Token-Ring LAN Model 600

5.8272 Nways Token-Ring LAN Model 108

6.8226 Token-Ring RJ45 Connection

7.8239 Token-Ring Stackable Hub

8.8270 Nways LAN Switch Model 800

Figure 4. The 8270 Model 800 relieves backbone congestion

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