Hikvision DS-2CD8264FWD-EIZ User Manual

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Hikvision DS-2CD8264FWD-EIZ User Manual

Network Camera

Quick Operation Guide


Network Camera·Quick Operation Guide

Thank you for purchasing our product. If there are any questions, or requests, please do not hesitate to contact the dealer. This manual applies to DS-2CD8253F-EI(Z), DS-2CD8233F-EI(Z), DS-2CD8264FWD-EI(Z), DS-2CD8264F-E, DS-2CD8254F-EI, DS-2CD8254FWD-E, DS-2CD8283F-EI, DS-2CD8255F-EI cameras.

This manual may contain several technical incorrect places or printing errors, and the content is subject to change without notice. The updates will be added to the new version of this manual. We will readily improve or update the products or procedures described in the manual.


“Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (“UL”) has not tested the performance or reliability of the security or signaling aspects of this product. UL has only tested for fire, shock or casualty hazards as outlined in UL’s Standard(s) for Safety, UL60950-1. UL Certification does not cover the performance or reliability of the security or signaling aspects of this product. UL MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES OR CERTIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER REGARDING THE PERFORMANCE OR RELIABILITY OF ANY SECURITY OR SIGNALING RELATED FUNCTIONS OF THIS PRODUCT.


Network Camera·Quick Operation Guide

1 Physical Description of


1.1 Camera Description

Note: Two types of interfaces of cameras as shown in Figure 1-1 and Figure 1-2. Please choose the right figure according to the appearance of your camera.

Figure 1-1 Overview

Figure 1-2 Overview


Network Camera·Quick Operation Guide


Table 1-1 Physical Description












10M/100M self-adaptive Ethernet interface






Power supply interface






IN, G: Alarm input interface



1A, 1B: Alarm output interface






D+, D-: RS-485 interface






AUDIO IN, G: Audio input interface



AUDIO OUT, G: Audio output interface




1.2 Camera Wiring Diagram

Figure 1-3 Wiring Diagram


Network Camera·Quick Operation Guide

2 Installation


Verify the package contents are correct by checking the items against the packing list.

Read the following contents carefully before the installation.

Make sure that all the related equipment is power-off during the installation.

Check whether the power supply is matched with your AC outlet to avoid any damage.

Do not place the camera in extremely hot or damp environment. To avoid heat accumulation, good ventilation is required for a proper operating environment.

If the product does not function properly, please contact your dealer or the nearest service center. Do not disassemble the camera for repair or maintenance by yourself.

The bullet camera can be installed to both wall and ceiling. This quick guide takes wall mounting steps as an example.


1.Fix the mounting base to the wall. The mounting base can also be used to keep the cables.


Network Camera·Quick Operation Guide

Mounting base

Figure 2-1 Fix the Mounting Base


Please apply water-proof measures between the ceiling surface and mounting base and around the cables.

For cement wall mounting, you need to use the expansion screw to fix the mounting base. The mounting hole of the expansion pipe on the wall should align with the mounting hole on the mounting base.

For wooden wall mounting, you can just use the

self-tapping screw to fix the mounting base.

The wall must be strong enough to withstand more than 3 times of the weight of the camera and the bracket.

2.Fix the mounting bracket with the camera to the mounting base.


Network Camera·Quick Operation Guide

Note: The “bottom” mark on the mounting base should align with the “bottom” mark on the mounting bracket.

Figure 2-2 Fix the Camera

3.View the image of the camera over the network.

4.Loosen the screws on the bracket slightly.

Note: Please loosen the screws slightly until you can adjust the camera and do not remove the screws from the bracket.

5.Adjust the camera to the desired surveillance angle and then tighten the screws on bracket to fix the camera.

Rotation screw

Panning screw

Tilting screw

Figure 2-3 Adjust Monitoring Angle


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