EdgeStar MINI KEG TBC50BL User Manual

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EdgeStar TBC50BL 5 Liter Mini Keg Beer Cooler - Replacing the leaking faucet hose - No tools necessary.

Make sure the line is disconnected from the keg!

1.) First, remove the detachable right side cover from the unit.

2.) Next, disconnect the tap hose from the beer line hose as pictured below by unscrewing the faucet side coupler from the beer line.

3.) Then, while pulling the tower lever down (as if opening to pour beer), pull the hose out from the back side as pictured below.

4.) Next, insert the new hose the same way you removed the old one. Pull and hold the lever down and insert the new hose from the back. Keep pushing the hose in until you can see it coming out the faucet. Then pull it back about 1/4 inch. Reattach the hose to the beer line and then screw on the coupler as pictured below and your done. Then put the side panel back on.