EdgeStar KC2000TWIN, KC2000SSTWIN User Manual

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Beer Dispenser



Dual-tap Tower Installation Guide

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Thank you for choosing EdgeStar. This guide is a supplement to the EdgeStar Beer

Dispenser Guide for your KC2000TWIN or KC2000SSTWIN EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator & Draft Beer Dispenser. Please follow the EdgeStar Beer Dispenser Guide for step-by-step instructions.

You may download the latest guide at <http://www.edgestar.com/support/>

Parts Identification

















1.3” Double Tower and Gasket

2.Singe Gauge Regulator

3.Five Pound CO2 Tank with 1 ¾” threads (Supplied empty)

4.2 American Sankey Keg Couplers

5.2 Faucets and 2 Handles

6.2 Four Feet CO2 Hoses (One hose may be precut)

7.CO2 Manifold

8.Set of Bolts, Washers, Hex Nuts to secure tower

9.6 Snap Clamps for CO2 Hoses

10.Rail (not pictured)

11.4 Caster wheels and 2 washers (not pictured)

12.Refrigerator (not pictured)

13.Drip Tray

All the pictures in this manual are for reference only. Your unit may be slightly different than the images depicted. Parts included may be subject to change.

Quick Overview Diagram

The image below should give you a visual reference on setting up your Kegerator.

Install and Secure the Tower

1.Remove the plastic plug from the top of the cabinet by opening the door and pushing up.

2.Place the rubber gasket on the cabinet and align the holes. (Note: Some models may require you drill holes on the top of the unit.)

3.Unravel the beer line from the inside of the tower and pass it through the rubber gasket and the hole on the top of the beer refrigerator.

4.Place the tower facing forward and insert the bolts through top of the cabinet.

5.Insert a washer through a bolt and fasten a hex nut. Repeat the process for all bolts.

Drilling holes on the top of the cabinet (If necessary)

Back of Unit

5 1/8”

5 1/8”

Rubber Gasket

1.Use the rubber gasket as a template to mark the holes. Center the gasket over the center hole. The rear holes need to be 5 1/8th from the back of the unit. Mark the holes with a marker.

2.Remove the gasket, then use a 13/64th” drill bit to drill the holes.