Dynacord PowerH Series User Manual

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Hi-EndRemote Controllable Power Amplifiers


A new chapter in the history of professional high-per-formance power amplifiers has begun.

The PowerH power amplifier series represents another milestone in the 60-yearpro audio tradition of Dynacord. DYNACORD has long been establishedworld-wideas a manufacturer of professional power amplifiers of the highest quality and has consolidated its position at the top end of the market through many innovations and a reputation for absolute reliability.Electro-Voicehas played a substantial role in this as a sister company to Dynacord, and as one of its largestOEM-customers.For years, power amplifiers from Dynacord / EV have been used in large and very large audio systems – whether installed or touring – all over the world. Today there are literally thousands of amplifiers made by Dynacord powering major productions in allfour-cornersof the globe and demonstrating time and again their superlative quality and legendary reliability.

The requirements imposed upon modern power amplifiers are enormous: they are expected to combine very high power, minimal weight, outstanding audio performance, absolute reliability,

remote monitoring and control, and networking.

In order to realize power levels of 2500 W / 4 Ω, power amplifiers must be able to supply peak output voltages between 180 V and 200 V. This requirement limits the number of plausible topologies to two:

Class D and Dynacord's Linear Grounded Bridge Class-H.

After extensive research, the Dynacord engineering department decided against the use of Class D designs: the besetting evils of Class D technology – primarily, distortion and a clear load-dependencein the frequency response – cannot be overcome, even by modern designs, and the result is anun-wanteddiscoloration of the output signal.

Linear push-pulldesigns withClass-Htopology are acceptable solutions for output levels up to 1500 W / 4 Ω and are used in many Dynacord power amplifiers. The limitation of theClass-Hpush-pullapproach is the 250 V specification of typical audio power transistors and their second breakdown restrictions. Even exceeding the specified peak voltage or the second breakdown limit for a short period leads directly to failure of the power transistors and the power amplifier. The use of exotic350V-specifiedtransistors presents no reliable solution in view of their second breakdown behaviour, their performance and also their availability.

Higher power classes require different solutions! Dynacord's Linear Grounded Bridge designs (e.g. L 2400/P3000) have proven extremely reliable over many years as well as outstanding in terms of audio performance. One of the key advantages of Grounded Bridge solutions is the considerable reduction in 'voltage stress' for the power transistors. This permits the design of high-powerpower amplifiers with peak output voltages in excess even of 200 V. A logical step in the direction of lowering power dissipation while increasing the output power at the same time was the development of a linear Grounded Bridge topology usingClass-Htechnology with a threestage switching, floating power supply. The use of an extremely stable switching power supply makes a decisive contribution to the very low weight of these power amplifiers: 7 kW packed into 2 rackspaces and weighing less than 15 kg!

PowerH power amplifiers are ready for integration into IRIS-Net-based audio systems and networks. Retrofittable remote control modules, e.g. theRCM-26,make possible complete system supervision and remote control combined with digital controller functions includingultra-preciseFIR filters and optimised loudspeaker protection algorithms

stable, very high power output

very high efficiency

very light weight

3-stageGrounded BridgeClass-Htopology

floating switching power supply

large LC-display

integrated micro-controllerfor internal control

retrofittable remote control module for integration into the IRIS-Net with remote supervision, remote control, digital controller functions and digital audio inputs

The power amplifiers of the PowerH series represent a milestone in the design and production of high-perform-ance power amplifiers. Their innovativethree-stageGrounded

Bridge Class-Htopology with its floating switching power supply offers very high and stable output power, very high efficiency, an extremely high level in terms of audio performance and extreme lightness. They are therefore the ideal drivers for professional touring andhigh-endconcert sound, as well as pro sound applications. Through the use ofIRIS-Net-compatibleremote control modules, they also offer extensive remote supervision and control functions as well as a universaltwo-channeldigital controller includingultra-preciseFIR filtering and digital loudspeaker protection algorithms.

Dynacord power amplifiers are known for their absolute reliability under the most arduous of conditions on the road. In addition to the legendary manufacturing quality that comes with the 'Made in Germany' label, the comprehensive set of protective circuits

plays an important role here: an integrated micro-controllerco-ordinatesproven protections againstshort-circuit,HF or DC at the output, back EMF, overheating andopen-circuitoperation, thepower-upcurrent limitation and dynamic audio limiters, as well as making additional new and highly intelligent protective functions possible: for example, the temperature in the power amplifiers is monitored at no fewer than six different points and thefront-to-rearventilators controlled accordingly. Under abnormal thermal 'worst case' conditions, the CPU activates a voltage limiter or gain reduction depending upon the requirements of the situation, so as to prevent a thermal shutdown of the power amplifiers. All corrective measures are indicated on the front panel and spelt out clearly on the liquid crystal display. In addition, a report is created making it possible to enquire later as to all such 'interventions', each of which istime-stamped.

The mains voltage is monitored and displayed continuously, with the devices adapting automatically to 230 V, for example, or 120 V. At the same time, the mains current consumption is also monitored and displayed.The user can adjust, via the front panel display, the threshold value of the automatic circuit breakers. In the event of possibly overloading the mains, the amount of amplification is reduced to prevent the circuit breakers tripping. Any short-circuitsat the output of the power amplifier are detected early on, even at low levels. The protective circuit is activated and the error report in question appears simultaneously on the front display. In the event of excessivehigh-frequencyoverload, there is an automatic level reduction to protect the power amplifier itself and also the loudspeaker components connected.

The large, backlit liquid crystal display delivers comprehensive status information, error reports and measurements as well as allowing you to control the basic

settings and (with the IRIS-Net module integrated) select presets as well.

In addition to extreme reliability and forward-lookingoperating security, the PowerH power amplifiers are impressive for their outstanding audio performance. The THD, intermodulation distortion(IMD-SMPTE)and dynamic intermodulation (DIM) are all well below 0.05% and therefore far below the limit of audibility. All the components of the switching power supply are so safely dimensioned that they are capable of delivering the maximum peak output current of 70 A continuously, thereby allowing the power amplifier to operate as a stable voltage source even at extremely low loads. PowerH power amplifiers therefore have a significant amount of

headroom at their disposal, which results in superior dynamics even at low loads.

PowerH power amplifiers leave nothing to be desired in the way of connectors. For the inputs, XLR IN/parallel OUT sockets are provided along with additional Phoenix connectors. The input sensitivity is selectable between 0 dBu, +6 dBu and 32 dB Constant Gain. In addition, there are switches for bridged operation

and parallel / dual as well and, naturally, a Ground Lift switch.

A latching PowerCon connector is provided for the mains power line, which prevents the plug being yanked out accidentally. The power outputs are implemented as Speakon sockets with parallel binding posts. In terms of connectivity, therefore, PowerH power amplifiers satisfy all the demands of both mobile applications and pro audio fixed installations.

The RCM-26is adual-channeldigital controller module for live sound, PA and fixed installation. It offers all conventionalsignal-processingfunctions such as parametric equalizers, crossovers, delays, compressors and limiters. It also makes available linear phase FIR filters,zero-latencyFIR filters and digital loudspeaker

protection algorithms to permit the dynamic range of the amplifier to be exploited to the full potential.

In addition to the electronically balanced analogue inputs, digital inputs in AES3(AES/EBU) format are on board.

Using the CAN bus, networks of up to 250 power amplifiers can be realized. Additional interfaces include the RS-232interface for media control and the Control Port with freely programmable control inputs and outputs (GPIO). Despite its compact dimensions, theRCM-26is unmatched in terms of its capabilities and audio performance. TheIRIS-Net Remote Control ModuleRCM-26extends the functionality of PowerH power amplifiers by providing:

remote supervision and remote control

AES3 (AES/EBU) digital inputs

digital signal processing

advanced loudspeaker protection algorithms

system integration and networking

IRIS-Net is the integrated software

platform for all remote-controllabledevices and systems from Telex Communications, Inc. It allows complete audio systems with a multitude of identical or different devices to be configured, supervised and controlled centrally from a single user interface. IRISNetsupports Ethernet, CobraNet,CAN-busand USB and is open for further implementations in the future.IRIS-Net makes possible the comprehensive supervision of power amplifiers and loudspeakers including their cables and interfaces. System statuses are being polled permanently, with errors detected and reported instantaneously and all problems and other

events logged along with the date and time of their occurrence. The totality of parameters and settings of all system components can be stored and reloaded at the push of a button ('Total Recall'). Depending upon the application, users can design their own control panels, program automatic sequences, and form device and function groups.

IRIS-Net has been used for several years now in hundreds of audio installations and systems and has demonstrated its merits in a very wide variety of applications. Since the year 2002,IRIS-Net has been the platform for the EV Precision series power amplifiers and since 2005 also for the NetMax N8000 networked matrix system.

linear 24 Bit AD/DA converters, Sigma-Delta,128 x oversampling

dynamic range > 116 dB

96 kHz sample rate, 48 kHz optional

THD+N < 0,005%

2 DSPs 150 MHz / 300 MIPS computing power

48 Bit double-precisionalgorithms

Supervision and Diagnosis

The RCM-26transmits all relevant amplifier data to theIRIS-Net user interface, supervising the operating status of the power amplifiers, the temperature in the power blocks and in the power supply, voltages and currents at the outputs, all protections, the mains voltage and current consumption, pilot tone and network status.

The impedance measurement with a 20 Hz to 20 kHz sine wave sweep and the comparison with the stored reference data makes it possible to diagnose with precision the condition of the connected loudspeakers and even of their individual components and cable connections. Problems are therefore detected early and the system is able to respond in good time. It is even easy to examine the state of loudspeakers that are difficult to access, such as those in stadiums or large entertainment venues. The System Check function allows you to measure comprehensively and conduct a full examination of a very large audio system at the push of a button. Even in live performance, the connected load is monitored continuously. Any undershooting (short-circuit)or overshooting (interruption) of the set tolerance limits is automatically detected and reported immediately.

Remote Functions

Remote control via the IRIS-Net provides Power On / Standby switching and the programming ofpower-upsequences for the power amplifiers as well as level settings and the muting of individual channels or channel groups. In theRCM-26,all parameters can be controlled in real time as well as stored in user memories, from which they can be retrieved and reloaded subsequently.

DSP Functions


Linkwitz-Riley,Butterworth, Bessel

FIR Filters:

zero-latencyprocessing, linear phasex-over

Master EQ:

6 filters per channel; PEQ, lo-shelf,hi-shelf,hi-pass,lo-passselectable

Channel EQ:

6 filters per channel; PEQ, lo-shelf,hi-shelf,hi-pass,lo-pass,all-passselectable


2 ms - 2000 ms per channel


speaker alignment


compressor, limiter per channel


advanced digital voice-coilprotection algorithms


input routing, level, mute, polarity, sine and noise generators, VU meter

FIR Filters

Although FIR filters require a massive amount of processing and are highly complex, they are realized in the RCM-26in addition to the classical filtering and signal processing functions. Available arelinear-phaseFIR filters and 'zero latency' FIR filters, which add no further latency to the time signals require to pass through the device.

Users can create their own linear phase 'brick-wallX-overs'and edit them in real time.

Example: Linearization of a floor monitor

Original frequency response of monitors on stage Zero-latencyFIR equalization

Potential FEEDBACK frequencies

Linear frequency response of the 'pre-linearized'monitors on stage

For Dynacord loudspeaker cabinets, measurements of the frequency and phase response are already provided in the IRISNet. This data can be displayed and merged inIRIS-Net together with the filter, crossover and delay settings. The superposition then shows the acoustical frequency response of

the loudspeaker cabinet.

The IRIS-Net moduleRCM-28(under development) offers, instead of the AES3 digital input, a CobraNetinterface, making it possible to integrate PowerH power amplifiers into CobraNetnetworks.




















Load Impedance

2 Ω

4 Ω

8 Ω




Maximum Midband







Output Power,







1 kHz, THD=1%

1900 W

1450 W

850 W

3500 W

2500 W

1500 W

Rated Output Power,







20 Hz ... 20 kHz, THD <0.1%

1200 W

600 W

2100 W

1050 W

Max. Single Channel







Output Power








2050 W

1700 W

940 W

4500 W

3200 W

1800 W

Max. Single Channel







Output Power







Continuous, 1kHz

1950 W

1600 W

900 W

4100 W

2700 W

1600 W

Maximum Bridged







Output Power







1 kHz, THD=1%

3800 W

2900 W

7000 W

5000 W

Maximum RMS







Voltage Swing







1 kHz, THD=1%


95 V



125 V


Power Bandwidth







THD=1%, ref. 1kHz, half power @ 4Ω



10 Hz ... 50 kHz



Voltage Gain







ref. 1 kHz

39 dB / 33 dB / 32 dB (switchable)

41dB / 35 dB / 32 dB (switchable)

Input Sensitivity







at rated output power @ 8Ω, 1 kHz

0 dBu / 6 dBu / 7 dBu (switchable)

0 dBu / 6 dBu / 9 dBu (switchable)

THD at rated output power







MBW=80kHz, 1 kHz




< 0.05 %



IMD-SMPTE, 60 Hz, 7 kHz




< 0.05 %



DIM 30, 3.15 kHz, 15 kHz




< 0.02 %



Max. Input Level



+22 dBu (9,75 Vrms)



Crosstalk, ref. 1 kHz at rated output power



< -80dB



Frequency Response, ref. 1 kHz



< 10 Hz ... 30 kHz (± 1dB)



Input Inpedance, active balanced




20 kΩ



Damping Factor ,1kHz




> 400



Slew Rate


30 V/µs



35 V/µs


Signal to Noise Ratio Amplifier







A-weighted,32 dB constant gain


109 dB



111 dB


Output Noise , A-weighted




< -70dBu



Output Stage Topology



Class-HGrounded Bridge



Power Requirements


100 V - 240 V, 50 Hz - 60 Hz; 100 V, 50 Hz - 60 Hz


Power Consumption







at 1/8 maximum output power @ 4 Ω


1000 W



1450 W




Audio limiters, High temperature, DC, HF, Short Circuit, Back-EMF,




Peak current limiters, Inrush current limiters,Turn-ondelay,




Mains Circuit Breaker Protection, Mains Overvoltage Protection








Ambient Temperature Limits



+5°C ... +40°C (40°F ... 105°F)



Safety Class







Dimensions (WxHxD), mm



483 x 88.1 x 498





14.2 kg



14.5 kg


Amplifier at rated conditions, both channels driven with 8 Ω loads, unless otherwise specified.


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