Dynacord PCL 1225T, PCL 1125T, PCL 1240T User Manual

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PARAMUS Contractor Line - PCL Series



Five models available from 160 to 450 watts per channel; 4 ohms or 50 / 70 / 100 V

Compact 2 RU enclosure

Phoenix style input connectors for easy installation

Phoenix style connector block for all output modes

Bridge mode operation on all multi channel models

Switch selectable hi-pass filter at either 50 Hz or 300 Hz

Independent rear level controls for each channel

Front-to-rear cooling

Multitude of protections

With the new PARAMUS Contractor Line DYNACORD completes its wide power amplifier range in the installation realm.

In particular, the power amplifiers are designed for demanding sound reinforcement, background music / paging and public address system installations. Long term reliability and flexibility is guaranteed.

The five models in the PCL series range from 160 to 450 watts of power per channel in a variety of system designs.

PCL 1125T, PCL 1225T and PCL 1240T are equipped with high performance output transformers and also provide floating outputs for 50 V, 70 V and 100 V installations in addition to low-impedance outputs at 8 / 4 ohms. PCL 1245 und PCL 1415 are low-impedance amplifiers without output transformers.

Premium Phoenix style screw-lock connectors ensure a more secure connection of audio signal and speaker cables. The independent rear level controls allow setting the according power amp channel’s overall amplification. All PCL power amps feature different hi-pass filters with switch selectable cut-off frequency to attenuate unwanted lowfrequency signals.

All models in the PARAMUS series provide several protection circuits (short circuit, thermal overload, power up delay, peak current limiters, among others), which not only prevent the power amplifier itself from being damaged but can protect the connected loudspeaker systems as well.

All PCL models offer excellent headroom for a wide dynamic range on music signals.

They also have voltage limiters to protect the loudspeaker outputs against high distortion.

The multistage cooling fan guarantees absolute reliability.


Technical Specifications

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