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Product Name: Control 8 MIDI Controller

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All ( with a Class II power adapter that conforms to the requirements of


EN60065, EN60742, or equivalent).

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EN 60065 (1993)


IEC63 (1985) with Amendments 1,2,3


EN 55013: (1990)


EN 55020: (1991)

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Control Eight 18-2214-B

User’s Guide

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The Control 8 MIDI Controller is a MIDI program change device, designed to provide a hands-freeway to change programs on any MIDI device. The Control 8 transmits program changes1-128on MIDI channels1-16and will allow you to set CC assignments and has abuilt-inexpression pedal that can be assigned to control any parameter.

Pedal Description



Ch: Channel

Toggle CC


P: Pedal CC Number



CC 24


CC 25






CC 21

CC 22

CC 23

The Program Number/Continuous Controller/MIDI Channel display is a 4-digitLED display. The pedals perform the program change and bank up/down functions and can be used as continuous controllers. The back of the unit has a standard5-pinDIN MIDI jack and a 3.5mm Power In jack.


9.6v DC


85 ma





•Plug in a MIDI cable to the MIDI OUT jack, and connect the other end of the cable to the MIDI IN on the device you want to control.

•Plug in the AC power device to the Control 8, and then to the AC outlet.


MIDI Channel Select

To select the operating MIDI channel, press the <1> and<2> footswitches at the same time to enter MIDI channel select mode. Now press either the<Up> or<Down> footswitch to move up or down. To rapidly scroll up or down, press and hold the selected footswitch. Once the MIDI channel has been selected, press any footswitch to exit.

Continuous Controller Mode

The Control 8 can also operate as a continuous controller. To use the Control 8 as a continuous controller, you must first put the unit in continuous controller mode. This can be done by pressing the <2> and<Down> footswitches at the same time. The program number can be changed using the<Up/Down> footswitches. The

current program number is displayed briefly, then the CC indicators are displayed. The numbered footswitches are now used to turn the CCs on and off. Now press the <2> and<Down> footswitch to return to program mode.

Pedal CC Select

The Control 8 will allow you to select CC number values by pressing the <0> and<1> footswitches at the same time to enter CC pedal select mode. Now press the<Up> or<Down> footswitches to move up or down. To scroll up or down faster, press and hold the<Up> or<Down> footswitches. To exit this mode, simply press any one of the numbered footswitches. The value is now stored into memory.

Program Selection / Program Mode

The Control 8 operates in banks of ten. The far right LED bars in the display indicate whether you are in the lower 5 or upper 5 programs in that bank. To choose a bank, press either the <Up> or<Down> pedal. (MIDI Channel select is between 12 and 0). In a bank, notice that either the lower bar or upper bar is lit in the display. Therefore, if the display reads 6, and the upper bar is lit, the programs selected will be65-69.

When a program change message is sent out, the display will flash 4 dashes. To increment or decrement Banks quickly, press and hold the <Up> or<Down> footswitches. The numbers will change slowly at first, then scroll rapidly.

On power-up,the Control 8 defaults to MIDI Channel 1/Program Number 0. The Control 8 only transmits program change numbers 1 through 128, numbers 0 and 129 will not be transmitted.

Selecting Hopback Mode

The Control 8 offers you the ability to bounce back instantly to the previously selected footswitch value by simply pressing the currently selected footswitch once again and the Control 8 will automatically “Hopback” to previous footswitch. To select this option you must perform the following procedure:

• While applying power to the Control 8, press and hold the <3> footswitch. The display will read:H On . Now press the<UP> or the<Down> to turn this mode on or off. Once the mode is turned on or off, you can exit by pressing any footswitch, and the selected mode is stored into memory.

Pedal Calibration

The Control 8 will allow you to re-calibratethe expression pedal at any given time. It is recommended that this procedure be performed periodically,and is as follows:

While applying power to the Control 8, press and hold the <4> footswitch until the display reads:

At this point, rock the pedal to its’ maximum forward position and press the <Up> footswitch. The upper bar in the display will now blink, prompting you to rock the pedal back to its’ minimum position and then press the<Down> footswitch. The expression pedal is now calibrated and stored into memory. To exit pedal calibration mode, simply press any one of the numbered footswitches.