Desa W32LS2 User Manual

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Shown with
Carved Corbels
IMPORTANT: Read entire instruction sheet before assembling or installing mantel kit.
The W32LS2 mantel is only approved for use with
any DESA Heating Products 32" full size replace system, or rebox and Dimplex electric full size re-
place. Do not use mantel with any other product.
This mantel kit contains the following:
• Mantel pieces - unassembled and marked as follows: #1 Base #2 Right Side with arrow #3 Right Front Leg with arrow #4 Left Side with arrow #5 Left Front Leg with arrow #6 Header with arrow #7 Top #8 Header Assembly Block (2 Pieces)
#11 Carved Corbels
#12 Smooth Corbels
• For use only with Dimplex Electric Fireplace #8 Dimplex Filler Assembly Block (1 piece) #9 Dimplex Electric Fireplace Filler Panel #10 Dimplex Filler Panel Assembly Block (2 Pieces)
• Hardware Kit* 14 - Metal Brackets 118937-01 28 - Screws M6 x 12 mm (1/2") 121149-01 26 - Screws M6 x 30 mm (1 1/4") 121335-01 26 - Washers M6 121336-01 1 - Allen Wrench 121337-01
*Extra hardware may be included.
If any wood pieces are missing or damaged, contact the
dealer where you purchased this mantel for replacement.
If hardware is missing or damaged, contact DESA Heating
Products at 1-866-672-6040 for referral information. You can
also visit DESA Heating Products’ technical service web site
Shown with
Smooth Corbels
Note: Gather all mantel pieces together before assembling mantel.
WARNING: Use only 1/2" screws to attach metal angle brackets. Damage to mantel will result if other screws are used for this purpose.
IMPORTANT: More than one person is required to as­semble and lift mantel.
until told to do so. There should be some play in the pieces
to allow for proper alignment and best possible t. It is very
important that more than one person assemble mantel together. Panels must be held in proper alignment to each other while tightening screws to assure fewer gaps and proper surface
alignment. When tightening screws, do not over tighten. This
may cause threads to strip. For this reason, the supplied Al-
len wrench should be used rather than a power screwdriver. Panels have threaded inserts installed at screw locations.
Screws should start and turn easily in threaded holes when assembled according to instructions. Do not force screws into holes.
IMPORTANT: There is a serial number label inside of right side panel and on outside package. When calling to request
technical assistance or for replacement parts please have
that number ready.
1. Mantel kit contains two sets of corbels, a carved set and
a smooth set. Determine which set you prefer. Discard
other set.
2. From back sides of leg fronts, attach corbels using two 1 1/4" screws and washers. See Figure 1, page 2.
1. Lay right side panel (#2) face down on a soft surface to
avoid marking nish. Attach four brackets with 1/2" screws to right side panel (#2) leaving screws slightly loose. Face
brackets out toward tongued side (see Figure 1). Place
right front leg over right side (#2) matching groove in leg
to tongue on side, as shown in Figure 1. Align threaded holes with brackets on side. Start four 1/2" screws through brackets. Align bottom of side and leg assembly so they
are ush with each other. Hold these pieces securely while tightening (but not over tightening) screws.
2. Assemble left side (#4) and left leg (#5) as described in step 1.
3. Attach 6 brackets to base (#1) at threaded hole locations
using 1/2" screws leaving screws loose. Face brackets
toward outside.
Leg Front (#3)
1 1/4" Screw with Washer
Groove in
Leg Front
1/2" Screw
4. Place right side/leg assembly on base and align threaded holes with brackets. Start 1/2" screws through brackets into threaded holes in side/leg assembly. Back of side/
leg assembly should be ush with back of base. Assure
alignment is correct and spaces are at a minimum and
tighten leaving screws slightly loose.
5. Assemble left side/leg assembly to base (#1) following step #4.
1. Start two 1 1/4" screws with washers through header as­sembly block (#8) into threaded inserts on right side of mantel. Repeat for left side (see Figure 3).
2. With arrow pointing up, place header (#6) into position on top of leg assemblies and against header assembly block (#8) (see Figure 3). Start two 1 1/4" screws with washers through header assembly blocks (#8) into threaded in­serts in header. Hold header in proper alignment with leg
assemblies and tighten, leaving screws slightly loose.
1 1/4" Screw with Washer
Tongue on Leg Side
Figure 1 - Leg Assemblies (right side shown)
Right Side/Leg Assembly
Leg Side (#2)
Header (#6)
Header Assembly Block (#8)
Header Assembly Block (#8)
Figure 3 - Attaching Header
1 1/4" Screw with Washer
Place mantel top (#7) on mantel assembly. Align back of top with back of sides. Using four 1 1/4" screws with washers, place two in each mantel side assembly (see Figure 4, page
3). With two 1 1/4" screws with washers, attach top to header.
Make sure all pieces are aligned properly and tighten, leaving
screws slightly loose.
Base (#1)
1/2" Screw
Figure 2 - Leg Assembly to Base
Mantel Top (#7)
3. Attach assembly blocks (#10) to sides of ller panel and
mantel side assemblies using two 1 1/4" screws with wash­ers for each side. Do not tighten completely.
4. With one person holding parts in alignment, tighten
screws snuggly with Allen wrench provided. Do not over
1 1/4" Screw with Washer
Mantel Side Assembly
Figure 4 - Attaching Mantel Top
If you are installing a Dimplex Electric Fireplace in this mantel, you will need to follow the instructions in this section. If you
are not installing a Dimplex Electric Fireplace, go to Finishing Mantel and discard items #8, #9 and #10
1. Place Dimplex ller panel (#9) in position in front of mantel with trim strip to outside covering joint between ller panel
and mantel (see Figure 5).
2. With one person holding ller panel in place, attach ller assembly block (#8) to top of ller panel and bottom of
extension using four 1 1/4" screws with washers. Do not completely tighten screws.
Starting with left side leg assembly, tighten screws using Allen
wrench provided. Tighten screws on the right side leg assembly, header, top assembly and base. When using Dimplex ller
panel, align and tighten at same time as header.
1. Fireplace should be fully assembled. See Assembling
Fireplace in replace owner’s manual.
2. Place mantel base close to installation location. See re-
place owner’s manual for installation clearances. Leave enough room to insert replace from back of mantel.
3. Install gas line. See Connecting to Gas Supply in replace owner’s manual. Remember to leave access to the gas shutoff valve somewhere on the base or where it is ac-
cessible to the user.
4. Check for leaks. See Checking Gas Connections in re-
place owner’s manual.
5. Position replace inside mantel (see Figure 6). Carefully position gas lines. Important: Use caution when position­ing replace on base. Base may scratch easily. Make sure replace is in proper position within mantel opening
before continuing with installation.
6. Fireplace with louver door: Lower bottom louver door.
Use two screws provided in hardware package and attach replace to wooden base. Close louver door.
Fireplace with xed louver: Before installing logs or
burner assembly (see owner’s manual) remove screws securing oor to assembly. Lift oor for access to bot­tom of replace. Use two screws provided in replace hardware package and attach replace base to wooden base. Reinstall oor with screws removed previously.
Dimplex Filler Assembly Block (#10)
1 1/4" Screw with Washer
Dimplex Filler Assembly Block (#8)
Figure 5 - Attaching Dimplex Filler Panel
1 1/4" Screw with Washer
Dimplex Filler Panel (#9)
Dimplex Filler Assembly Block (#10)
Figure 6 - Installing Fireplace
7. If mantel trim that came with your replace has not yet
been assembled, see Assembling Perimeter Trim. Place metal trim on shoulder screws. Firmly snap trim assembly
over shoulder screws on replace.
8. Carefully push mantel and base into position against wall.
ASSEMBLING PERIMETER TRIM (If Supplied with Gas Fireplace)
1. Remove packaging from three pieces of metal trim.
2. Locate two adjusting plates with set screws, and two
shims in the hardware packet.
3. Align shim under adjusting plate as shown in Figure 7.
4. Slide one end of adjusting plate/shim in slot on mitered
edge of top trim (see Figure 7).
5. Slide other end of adjusting plate/shim in slot on mitered
edge of side trim (see Figure 7).
6. While rmly holding edges of trim together, tighten both set screws on the adjusting plate with slotted screw­driver.
7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for other corner.
Set Screws
Figure 7 - Assembling Trim
Top Trim
Mitered Edge
Side Trim
This mantel can be used with Dimplex 32" Electric Fireplace.
Electric replaces install from the front of mantel. To install electric replace see replace instruction manual. Use cau­tion when positioning replace on base. Base may scratch
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