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The Broilmaster® Flavor Screen is designed as an alternative to briquettes in your grill. To install the Flavor Screen, simply:

1.If installed remove cooking grids

2.Remove the briquettes from the grill.

3.Flavor Screen Placement

P3 Grills

Place the Flavor Screen on the briquette rack or

Remove the briquette rack and place the Flavor

Screen on grill body.

On P3F grills, the flavor screen will be placed on grill body (no briquette rack is needed)

P4 Grills

The Flavor Screen must sit on either the briquette rack or on the rack which is included with the Flavor Screen kit.

4.Replace the cooking grids.

NOTE: Do not use briquette’s when Flavor Screen is installed.


1.Follow the instructions for lighting your Broilmaster® gas grill.

2.Allow the grill to preheat for 10 minutes. With initial use, you will see a small amount of smoke during preheat. This is normal. Wait till smoke is gone before cooking.

3.Grill as you normally would. You will notice an increased amount of smoke, which adds that “charcoal grilled” flavor to your food.

4.If grease ignites on the Flavor Screen, turn the temperature down to achieve maximum performance of the Flavor


Note: Because of the nature of the Flavor Screen, low temperature settings will cook as quickly and thoroughly as high one’s. This will reduce the cost of operating your grill.

5.After grilling you should allow the unit to clean itself (see details in the following section).

Use and Care

Your Flavor Screen will give you many years of flavorful service; however, you should read and observe the following precautions.

The Flavor Screen has a self cleaning feature and will normally clean itself if the grill is left on the high setting for 15 minutes after all cooking is complete. However the length of time and method of cleaning the Flavor Screen should be tailored to your cooking habits. Use the following suggestions to develop a method that will keep your screen clean and performing as it should.

Normal Cleaning Method

After the completion of grilling, turn the grill to high until only an occasional wisp of smoke is seen (about 5 minutes). This will

remove most of the material that builds up on the Flavor Screen.

The next time you grill allow the grill to preheat on high for 5-10minutes to complete the cleaning cycle.

Periodic Thorough Cleaning Method

At least once every 5 to 6 uses (more if you experience heavy buildup, less if you do not) you should go through a complete cleaning cycle. This consists of turning the grill on high for a 15-

20 minute period. Allow the grill to cool completely, remove the Flavor Screen and flip it over that the heavy build-upside is down or brush it with asoft bristled brush (paint brush or BBQ brush).

Do not use a stiff or wire bristled brush or cleaning solutions.

The use of these items will void the warranty.

Alternate Cleaning Methods

The Flavor Screen may be placed in your self cleaning oven and subjected to a “clean” cycle.

The Flavor Screen may be gently rinsed with a garden hose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Flavor Screen do?

This structure intercepts the grease and other drippings from the food being grilled. Flames from grease which burns within the flavor screen and below the flavor screen can’t reach the food being grilled.

What are the benefits of the Flavor Screen?

Enhances the amount and quality of smoke. The Flavor Screen creates smoke from the natural juices of the food being grilled.

This results in that “charcoal grilled” flavor.

Reducesflare-ups.Whenproperlyinstalledandmaintained, the unit will reduceflare-ups.

Prevents foods from drying out. Because the Flavor Screen eliminates flames and generates smoke and steam from the natural juices, the food does not dry out.

Improves heat distribution. The Flavor Screen is designed to distribute the heat output of the burners by evenly distributing the hot gases produced by the burner.

Improves heat response. The stainless steel construction of the Flavor Screen does not store excess heat; therefore, when the burner temperature is adjusted, the temperature at the grilling surface changes very quickly (usually within 90 seconds). This enhances your ability to sear the food then reduce the heat and grill it over a low heat.

Increases the life of the grill. The Flavor Screen reduces by up to 75% the amount of grease that reaches the burners and surrounding area. Grease and drippings are the primary reason for corrosion of the burners and grill body.

Can I use wood chips with the Flavor Screen?

Definitely, you can place them on top of the Flavor Screen. When placed on top of the Flavor Screen you may experience some flare-ups.


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