Blodgett ZEPHAIRE-E PLUS User Manual

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BCX-14E and


BCX Series Combi Stacked on a

Full-Size Electric Convection Oven

Shown with optional casters

BCX-14E Approvals

Zephaire E Plus Approvals


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Requires Blodgett stacking kit SK-88FS.

This model consists of a standard BCX-14E stacked on a Zephaire E Plus. For more information on each oven refer to the the BCX-14E and Zephaire E Plus specifications sheets.

SHORT FORM SPECIFICATIONS Provide Blodgett model BCX14E Combi stacked on a model Zephaire E Plus bakery depth gas convection oven.

BCX-14E Combi - Shall have the ability to cook with pressureless steam (212F), hot air, or combination of steam and hot air (with an operating range 140F to 500F), vario-steaming (operating range 140F to 212F), low temperature cooking and holding, rethermalizing, cool down mode and our Exclusive Steam on Demand steam injection system. Oven capacity to accept 7ea 18x26 bake pans or 14ea 12x20x2.5” full size steam table pans with 3-1/4” spacing. Front access service user interface control panel and service diagnosis system. Unit shall be constructed with a fully welded stainless steel frame. Cooking chamber shall be constructed with 304 series with bright-annealed stainless steel finish and coved corners. Oven cavity shall be open to the atmosphere with a thermostatically controlled quench box with a flow rate of less than 8 gallons per hour (total water consumption not to exceed 15 gallons per hour). Unit shall include a four speed, bi-directional fan with vent switch to control humidity in the cooking chamber. Dual pane thermal glass window with 180 degree door swing, two-step safety door-latch with adjustable door hinges, door mounted drip pan. Unit to include a detachable 4” core temperature probe, halogen lights and external hose with spray nozzle. Supply with exclusive time to delime indicator with adjustable settings of 30, 60 or 90 hours of run time, semi-automatic deliming system. Where applicable, quantities in this spec are doubled for stacked units. A start-up inspection service will be performed by our factoryauthorized agent at no cost to the operator. One-year parts and labor warranty.

Zephaire E Plus - Shall have porcelainized steel liner and shall accept five 18” x 26” standard full-size bake pans in left-to-right or front-to-back positions. Doors shall have dual pane thermal glass windows with single porcelain handle and simultaneous operation. Unit shall be electrically heated with three tubular heaters. Air in baking chamber distributed by single inlet blower wheel powered by a two-speed, 1/3 HP motor with thermal overload protection. Each chamber shall be fitted with five chrome-plated removable racks. Control panel shall be recessed with Cook/ Cool Down mode selector, solid state manual infinite thermostat (200 - 500°F), and 60-minute timer. 2 year parts and 1 year labor warranty.



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