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Over the Range

Microwave Oven

Installation Instructions









Read all instructions before starting installation.

Important--Save these instructions for electrical inspector's use.

Installation Requirements

Important Safety Instructions

Recognize this symbol as a SAFETY message


To avoid electrical shock hazard remove house fuse or open circuit breaker before installing microwave oven.

Mounting Space

This over-the-range microwave oven requires wall mounting space, as shown below.

Minimum of 30 inches between cabinets is required for installation. If space between cabinets is greater

than 30 inches, filler panel kit may be used to fill in gap between microwave oven and cabinets. Contact dealer to purchase filler panel kit.


To avoid personal injury, mounting surface must be capable of supporting microwave oven (65 lbs.) and oven loads (up to 50 lbs.) for a total weight of 115 lbs.


To avoid personal injury, do not install microwave oven in island or peninsula. This microwave oven must be mounted to both top cabinet and wall.


To avoid personal injury, protect hands and arms. Microwave oven may have sharp edges.


To reduce risk of fire, use only metal duct.

Electrical Requirements

This product requires three-prong grounded outlet. Verify outlet box is properly grounded. If box is not properly grounded or does not meet electrical requirements, contact qualified electrician. Oven rating is 120 volts AC, 60 Hertz, 13.5 amps, and 1.45 kilowatts. Oven must be connected to circuit of proper voltage and frequency. Wire size must conform to requirements of National Electric Code or prevailing local code. Power supply cord and plug should be connected to separate 15 to 20 amp. circuit, single grounded outlet. Outlet box should be located in cabinet above oven. Outlet box and supply circuit should be installed by qualified electrician and conform to National Electric Code or prevailing local code. For easier installation and personal safety, two people should install microwave oven.

Verify bottom edge of cabinet is at least 66 inches from floor and 30 inches from cooking surface.

Bottom of microwave oven should be at least 2 inches above range backsplash for easy access to change hood and range lamps.

For outside ventilation, see "Preparing Microwave Exhaust Duct" section.

Charcoal filter kit is needed for recirculating exhaust installation. Contact dealer to purchase charcoal filter kit.

When installing microwave oven beneath smooth,

flat cabinets, follow instructions on top cabinet template for power cord clearance.

Cabinets may have trim that interferes with microwave oven installation. Remove interfering trim to allow microwave oven installation and leveling.

Space must be 30 inches wide. Remove any cabinet side trim that interferes with 30 inch space, front or back.

Top cabinet trim (front, back, or both) can be left in place if there is enough clearance for proper installation. If top front trim is left in place, and there is no back trim, verify that mounting plate is positioned down far enough to keep microwave oven level. Keep space between bottom of cabinet and mounting plate equal to height of top front trim. This will ensure that microwave oven is level.


Materials Needed (Not Supplied)

Phillips screwdriver


Ruler or tape measure and straight edge

Protective gloves

Carpenter square (optional)

Tin snips (in some applications)

Electric drill with 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch and 5/8 inch drill bits


Stud finder (optional)

Filler blocks, if needed for top cabinet spacing

Saw (jig or keyhole)

Charcoal filter kit (for inside recirculating installation)

Filler panel kit (if space between cabinets is greater than 30 inches)

Materials Needed (Supplied)

Installation hardware is contained in packet shipped with microwave oven. Verify all parts listed below are included in packet.

28 inch Pieces of Foam Tape


4 inch x 2 inch Wood Screws


3/16 inch Toggle Bolts (and spring loaded nuts)


1/4 inch Screws




Nylon Grommet (for metal cabinets)


28 inch Pieces of Foam Tape


Rectangular Washer


Top Cabinet Template*


Separately Packed Grease Filter*


* Not Shown


Hood Exhaust Duct

Outside ventilation requires hood exhaust duct. Use only metal duct. Read the following carefully.

Exhaust Connection: Hood exhaust has been designed to mate with standard 3 1/4 inch x 10 inch rectangular duct. If round duct is required, rectangular-to-round transition adaptor must be used. Do not use less than 6 inch diameter duct.

Rear Exhaust: If rear or horizontal exhaust is to be used, care should be taken to align exhaust with space between studs.

Maximum Duct Length: Total duct length of 3 1/4 inch x 10 inch rectangular or 6 inch diameter round duct should not exceed 140 equivalent feet for satisfactory air movement.

Elbows, Transitions, Wall and Roof Caps, Etc.

Elbows, transitions, wall and roof caps, etc., create additional resistance to airflow and are equivalent to a section of straight duct. When calculating total duct length, add equivalent lengths of all transitions and adaptors, plus length of all straight duct sections. Chart below shows approximate feet of equivalent length of some typical ducts.


Equivalent Length

Rectangular-to-Round Transition

5 FT.



Wall Cap

40 FT

90° Elbow

10 FT.

45° Elbow

5 FT.

90° Elbow

25 FT.

45° Elbow

5 FT.

Roof Cap

24 FT.

Accessories Available for Purchase from


Charcoal filter kit: Charcoal filter kit is needed for recirculating exhaust installation.

Filler panel kit: If space between cabinets is greater than 30 inches, filler panel kit may be used to fill in gap between microwave oven and cabinets.

* If rectangular-to-round transition adaptor is used, bottom corners of damper will have to be cut to fit, using tin snips, in order to allow free movement of damper.


Installation Instructions

A. Removing Mounting Plate

1.Place protective blanket on work surface to protect outer case of microwave oven. Place microwave oven on control panel side.

2.Remove 2 screws from mounting plate, as shown above. Plate will be used as rear wall template.

3.Locate separately packed grease filters and hardware packet.

4.Remove any adhesive tape on exhaust adaptor, grease filters, and power supply cord.

B. Preparing Microwave Exhaust Duct

This microwave oven is designed for adaptation to the following three types of ventilation.

Outside Top Exhaust (Vertical Duct)

Outside Back Exhaust (Horizontal Duct)

Recirculating (Non-vented/Ductless)

Select type of ventilation required for your installation and proceed to that section.

NOTE: Microwave oven is shipped assembled for top exhaust. Adjustments will need to be made to assure proper alignment with current exhaust duct after microwave oven is installed.

Outside Top Exhaust (Vertical Duct)

1.Slide exhaust adaptor to one side, squeeze sides and remove. Save damper and exhaust adaptor.

2.Proceed to "Preparing Top Cabinet".

Outside Back Exhaust (Horizontal Duct)

1.Slide exhaust adaptor to one side, squeeze sides and remove. Save damper and exhaust adaptor. See diagram above.

2.Remove and save 5 screws holding blower plate to microwave oven.

3.Lift off blower plate.

4.Remove and save the screw that holds blower motor to microwave.


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