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ADSL Mini-DSLAM Series

Total Access 1200 Series of ADSL Mini-DSLAMs

Product Features

Mini-DSLAMs for CO, CEV, RT applications demanding

cost efficiency

24 ports of ADSL with integrated splitters

Expansion capability for both ATM IMA and IP Ethernet

Choice of ATM and IP Ethernet uplinks

Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) for up to four E1 IMA links in a single unit

Interoperable with any ATM DS1/E1 IMA device that is built to current IMA specifications which includes the Total Access 3000 IMA Aggregation System

POTS service is not power dependent

Front access to all connections

Fully redundant A/B power inputs

Local craft interface and ATM in-band management channel enable provisioning and alarm monitoring via SNMP/ASCII text and TL1

Carriers are seeking DSL solutions that deliver broadband simply and reliably to their valued customers. In order to make DSL delivery a business success, carriers need solutions that control costs, simplify management, and provide advantageous support systems. The ADTRAN Total Access 1200 Series of Mini-DSLAMs were designed with service providers in mind. With low start-up costs and the ability to scale for future applications, the Total Access 1200 Series offers the advantages carriers need to make DSL affordable and maintainable.

The Total Access 1200 Series of MiniDSLAMs are temperature-hardened, 1U high mini-DSLAMs that enable delivery of 24 ports of POTS, ADSL, and IP Ethernet service from smaller Central Offices (COs), Controlled Environmental Vaults (CEVs), and Remote Terminals (RTs). Design flexibility enables the Total Access 1200 Series to be mounted as rack, wall, or vertical positioned units inside existing enclosures. The units measure

4.45 cm H x 43.82 cm W x 28.26 cm D and offer redundant power using –42 to –56 VDC.

The series consists of:

Total Access 1210: 24-port ATM Quad

IMA network interface

Total Access 1211: 24-port ATM Quad IMA network interface with expansion option

Total Access 1250: 24-port IP Ethernet network interface

In the Total Access 1210 and 1211 models, the ADSL is generated locally and merged via onboard splitters, on the same pair as the corresponding POTS signal for delivery to the customer. The Total Access 1200 Series models offer a scalable network interface Quad IMA module with future capabilities for Octal IMA, DS3 and STM-1. The modules assure easy deployment and dynamic network utilization as subscriber needs dictate. These Mini-DSLAMs perform Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA) for up to four E1 IMA links in a single unit. The units can scale into a system-wide RT solution by using the Total Access 1200 expansion feature to deploy multiple shelves at a single location.

The Total Access 1250 supports IP Ethernet services to end-user customers. The economics of broadband delivery are immediately improved for both carriers and customers, especially businesses such as hotels, service-based organizations, and small-to-mid-sized enterprises. Carriers benefit by expanding IP services in their existing networks without costly ATM server installations. This is very true for network applications that do not require the expense associated with ATM-QoS.

Developed with ADTRAN’s concern for carrier field needs, the Total Access 1200 Series have two pre-installed fan modules complete with fan filters. Each fan module and fan filter is field replaceable. The fans are controlled by heat-sensing circuits and will only run when necessary. Additionally, all connections have front panel access.



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ADSL Mini-DSLAM Series

Total Access 1200 Series of ADSL Mini-DSLAMs

Product Specifications

Front Panel Features

Five LEDs: Power, ADSL, Network, Alarm, T1/E1, IP

Two 50-pin amphenol interfaces: POTS, ADSL+POTS

IP Ethernet

DB-9 craft interface

DB-15 alarm interface, input/output

Four RJ-45 uplink trunks


Dimensions: 4.45 cm H x 43.82 cm W x 28.26 cm D (1.75 in. H x 17.25 in. W x 11.13 in. D)

Weight: 3.63 kg (8 lb)

Mounting: Rackmount or wallmount

Can be mounted in either a flush mount or mid-mount orientation in either a 19-inch or 23-inch rack.

Regulatory Standards

NEBS Level 3

CE Mark

IEC 60950

EN 60950

EN 300 386-2


Local: ASCII – menu

Remote: SNMP, TL1, 10Base-T Ethernet


Operating: –40°C to +70°C

Storage: –40ºC to +85ºC

Relative humidity: 95 percent, noncondensing


Ordering Information



Network Interfaces



Quad IMA





Part #

IP Ethernet

Total Access 1210



DS3 – future






Total Access 1210 ATM Mini-DSLAM



STM-1 – future


Total Access 1200 RDS Shelf, 19-inch, 24-port 1179601L1





Total Access 1210 Quad IMA Interface



Subscriber Interfaces


Total Access 1211



ADSL with POTS Splitters



Total Access 1211 Mini-DSLAM



IP Ethernet


Total Access 1200 RDS Shelf, 19-inch, 24-port 1179601L1

Modulation Supported




Total Access 1211 Quad IMA Expansion





Total Access 1250







Total Access 1250 Mini-DSLAM



Total Access 1200 RDS Shelf, 19-inch, 24-port 1179601L1





Total Access 1250 IP Module



–42 VDC to –56 VDC





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