ADC InterReach Office 105880AE User Manual

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InterReach® Office

Enterprise GSM IP RAN

Spec Sheet

ADC’s InterReach® Office suite of wireless solutions enables a high-quality, service-rich mobile environment optimized for the enterprise. InterReach Office leverages ADC’s extensive in-building wireless experience and incorporates innovative GSM radio and core network technologies.

The InterReach Office GSM base station is the foundation of the InterReach Office suite. Packaged in a compact, rack-mountable, server-like enclosure designed to be easily installed and configured by corporate IT personnel, the base station can be connected to an InterReach Unison or InterReach Fusion distributed antenna system (DAS) to efficiently provide coverage and capacity within the enterprise using commonly available CAT5 or CATV cabling.

Thanks to its All-IP architecture, InterReach Office backhauls traffic to carrier networks via an IP connection over DSL or cable modem networks, this allows for faster and simpler setup and configuration than any other product.

In addition to providing superior coverage and capacity solutions for enterprise customers, InterReach Office Gateway will provide a cost-effective migration path to wireless PBX connectivity and Fixed Mobile Convergence.

InterReach Office Key Features

Supports voice and data for all GSM bands (850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz)

All-IP architecture supporting standard 3GPP interfaces

Integrated BSC functionality

Local switching within the enterprise

Easy DAS integration for extended coverage

Roadmap toward IP PBX connectivity and enterprise FMC

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