3M QC-10, QC-20 User Manual

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3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety Division

Acoustic Calibrators: QC-10 and QC-20 Models

Precise and Quick



Thank you for choosing the Quest Technologies, a 3M company, to meet your calibration needs. To ensure the accuracy of your sound measuring instrumentation, 3M Quest models QC-10 and QC-20 Calibrators provide quick, precise calibration. The instruments generate a stable acoustic signal at a controlled frequency and amplitude to verify the accuracy of sound level meters and noise dosimeters.

The purpose of this manual is to provide the user with the necessary information to operate the QC-10 and QC-20 Sound Calibrators. The entire manual should be read to fully understand the many features this instrument offers.

This manual is not all inclusive and cannot cover all unique situations. In addition, no warranties are contained in this manual except as described under the warranty section.

QC-20 Calibrator

Switches used to set levels and turn on/off calibrator.

Cal adapter

Used with ¼” and ½’ microphones

Example of QC-20 with Cal adaptor

QC-10 and QC-20 Operator’s Manual

+ 11 hidden pages