Radio Shack 3Com Bigpicture User Manual

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This manual covers installation and operating instructions for the following 3Com® BigpictureTM products:

Videophone Camera & Capture Card

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Determining Your Version of Windows 95


Inserting the Video Capture Card into Your Computer


Connecting Your NTSC Camera to Your Video Capture Card


Connecting a Camcorder or Other NTSC Device to Your Video Capture Card


Installing the Video Capture Card’s Drivers


Software Installation


Bigpicture Software Summary


The Bigpicture Application Launcher


Internet Security Issues


Troubleshooting and Online Help Resources


IRQ Conflicts: Freeing an IRQ


IRQ Conflicts: Altering PCI BIOS Settings


System Locking: Readjusting the Video Capture Card’s Memory Address


If Plug and Play Does Not Detect Your Capture Card


Online Help Resources







Video Capture Card


NTSC Camera


Regulatory Information and Limited Warranty



Congratulations! You have purchased a powerful (and fun!) video communications

tool. 3Com is known worldwide for reliable and easy-to-usenetworking and data communications tools. Now you can count on 3Com for the same quality in digital video applications.

3Com, the leader in networking, now puts digital video right inside your PC. With the simple, compact camera and standards-basedvideo capture card included in your Bigpicturepackage, you can grab still pictures, use Kai’s Photo Soap Special Editionto put finishing touches on images, removing “red eye” or sunlight glare from digital photos, or edit video footage into a real

mini-moviewith Asymetrix Digital Video Producer.

With the addition of a modem, you can conduct Internet and “point to point” H.324 video phone calls using VDONet’s VDOPhone. VDOMailmakes sending video and audio to friends and family as easy as sending regular texte-mail.BoxTop’s iVisitgives you further Internet video capabilities. Microsoft’s NetMeetinglets you communicate with both audio and H.323 video, collaborate on virtually any Windowsbased application, exchange graphics on an electronic whiteboard, and much more.

This manual will guide you through installation of the hardware and software included in your Bigpicture video package. Have fun!



You’ll need these items from your

BigpictureTM box:

NTSC cameravideo capture card


Plus: screwdriver (not included)

This section will guide you through installation of the hardware and software in your Bigpicture Videophone package. The hardware (video capture card and camera) must be installed before the software.

2. Click Properties.

Determining Your Version of

Windows 95

There are different versions of Windows 95 on the market. One of the primary ways these versions differ is in the way they handle the addition of new hardware. Follow these steps to determine your version of Windows 95. This information will be important during installation.

1.Click the My Computer icon on your desktop with the right mouse button.



blank below for future reference. Then click OK.

Windows 95 version _________________

3.In the “System Properties” screen, look at the system information under the General tab (circled in the following screen image). The number following the text “Microsoft Windows 95” will end with “950”, “950a”, or “950b”. This indicates your version of Windows 95. Write this number on the



Inserting the Video Capture

Card into Your Computer

NOTE: Before installing your capture card, write down the card’s serial number in this space:


You will find the serial number underneath the bar code on the white sticker on the capture card and on your Bigpicture package. If you ever need to call our technical support department, the technical support representative will ask you for this serial number. This number will help him or her identify your capture card.

Your video capture card supports Plug and Play installation, the fastest, easiest way to add new hardware to your PC. Windows 95 should do all the work of detecting your new hardware.

TIP: Before you unplug anything, label the cords or make a sketch of how things are connected. This can be helpful when you plug things back in later.

1.Turn off your computer and unplug it from the electrical outlet.

2.Unplug any peripheral devices (printer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.) from the computer.



CAUTION : To avoid risk of electric shock, make sure your computer and all peripheral devices are turned off and unplugged from electrical outlets.

3.Remove the screws from your computer’s cover and then remove the cover. Your computer may not resemble the computer in the following diagrams, but the basic principle for removing the cover should be the same. Refer to your computer’s documentation if you need further instructions.

4.Touch an unpainted metal part of your computer (the back panel, for example) to discharge any static electricity you may be carrying. Static electricity can damage electronic components.



5.There should be two types of expansion slot inside your computer, ISA and PCI (see the following diagrams). Find an empty PCI slot inside your computer. PCI slots are usually white plastic grooves lined with silver metal. ISA slots are usually longer black plastic grooves lined with silver metal.




6.Unscrew and remove the expansion slot cover (the long, narrow piece of metal that keeps dust from entering through the opening perpendicular to the slot). Be careful not to drop the screw into the PC.

7.Holding the video capture card at each corner, with the gold edge facing the slot, push the card down as gently as possible until it snaps into the expansion slot. You

will need to apply some pressure to properly fit the capture card into the expansion slot. A gentle back-and-forthmotion helps seat the card all the way into the slot. If you feel resistance, do not force the card into the slot. The card may not be properly aligned with the slot. Remove the card completely and try again.