Radio Shack 120-0738-40 User Manual

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AM/FM Palm-SizeRadio(120-0738/40)


Faxback Doc. # 3866

The Radio Shack AM/FM Palm-SizeRadio is designed to provide you withhigh-qualitysound. The lightweight, portable design lets you listen to radio programs almost anywhere you go.

AM and FM Bands - Lets you listen to your favorite AM and FM stations.

On and Off Buttons - so you can turn the radio off without having to change the volume setting.

AM/FM Palm-SizeRadio(120-0738/40)


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The radio uses two AA batteries (not included). We recommend alkaline batteries (Radio Shack Cat. No. 23-552)for longest life.

1.Press down the battery compartment cover and slide it in the direction of the arrow.

2.Insert two AA batteries as indicated by the polarity symbols (+ and -)marked inside the battery compartment.

3.Replace the battery compartment cover.

NOTE: If you do not plan to use the radio for several days, remove the batteries.

Replace the batteries when the radio's sound weakens.

AM/FM Palm-SizeRadio(120-0738/40)


Faxback Doc. # 3868

WARNING: Before you turn on the radio, make sure VOLUME is at a low setting. After you turn on the radio, you can adjust the volume to a comfortable listening level.

1.Press RADIO ON to turn on the radio.

2.Set the band to AM or FM.

3.Adjust TUN to tune to the desired station.

NOTE: For best FM reception, adjust the radio's position.

4.Adjust VOL to a comfortable listening level.

5.To turn off the radio, press RADIO OFF.


To protect your hearing, follow these guidelines when you use the radio.

Do not listen at extremely high volume levels. Extended high-volumelistening can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Once you set the volume, do not increase it. Over time, your ears adapt to the volume level, so a volume level that does not cause discomfort might still damage your hearing.


The radio might cause TV or radio interference even when it is operating properly. To determine whether the radio is causing the interference, turn off the radio. If the interference goes away, the radio is causing the interference. Try to eliminate the interference by:

Moving the radio away from the receiver.

Contacting your local Radio Shack store for help.

If you cannot eliminate the interference, the FCC requires that you stop using the radio.

AM/FM Palm-SizeRadio(120-0738/40)Care/Maintenance Faxback Doc. # 3869

The Radio Shack AM/FM Palm-SizeRadio is an example of superior design and craftsmanship. The following suggestions will help you care for the radio so you can enjoy it for years.

Keep the radio dry. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately.

Handle the radio gently and carefully.

Use and store the radio only in normal temperature environments.

Keep the radio away from dust and dirt.

Wipe the radio with a damp cloth to keep it looking new. Do not use harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, or strong detergents to clean the radio.

Use only fresh batteries of the recommended size and type. Always remove old or weak batteries.

Modifying or tampering with your radio's internal components can cause a malfunction and might invalidate the radio's warranty and void your FCC authorization to operate it. If the radio is not performing as it should, take it to your local Radio Shack store for assistance.

AM/FM Palm-SizeRadio(120-0738/40)



Faxback Doc. # 3870

Power Requirements:...........................

3.0 Volts (Two AA Batteries)

Frequency Range:.........................................





530 - 1710


Output Power (10% THD):



88 - 108








8 ohm, 200



2 1/16 x 2

13/16 x


15/16 (HWD)

Weight (Without Batteries):




x 72 x 53








Specifications are typical; individual units might vary. Specifications are subject to change without notice.