Niles Audio R-6 L User Manual

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R-6 L 6 SourceHand-HeldLearning Remote Control

Key Features

One Touch to Entertainment™ – Just point the R-6LHand-HeldLearning Remote Control at anyZR-4keypad, press a button, and enjoy.

It automates and controls the connected audio sources, while also providing control of a local TV and an additional source such as a cable box or satellite receiver.

Easy Setup – The R-6L comes preloaded with the wireless codes to operate the NilesZR-4MultiZone Receiver plus other popular components. It can also learn virtually any infrared wireless code directly from the original factory remote control.

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6 Source Hand-HeldLearning Remote Control

One R-6L remote control is included with theZR-4,and also available separately

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Universal remote for controlling up to six devices

Compatible with ZR-4MultiZone Receiver,Solo®-4IR andSolo-4IR EX keypads

Comes preloaded with ZR-4and many other popular component commands and can learn virtually any IR code for enhanced source operation from any zone

Source buttons provide source selection for the ZR-4from any zone

Cursor, transport and numeric buttons allow direct access capability to the ZR-4’sbuilt-inAM/FM tuner, plus connected source components such as cable/ satellite receivers and DVD/CD players

Warranty: Two-yearlimited

Shipping weight: 1 lb.

1)Source Select Keys Pressing one of these keys selects theZR-4’sbuilt-inAM/FM tuner or any of the up to five connected (SRC2-6)sources for playback and operation. There are also additional Source keys to operate a TV and an auxiliary component such as a DVD player connected to the TV. The LEDs in the Source keys provide visual feedback

2)On and Off Keys Turn the selected device on or off

3)Setup Key This key is used to configure the remote

4)Transport Keys Used to skip backward, rewind, fast forward, skip forward, stop, pause, or play tracks from the selected source

5)List Key Used to display lists from devices that support this function

6)Menu Key Press this key to display a menu for the selected source

7)Info Key Press this key to display the current channel and program information on the source device

8)Menu Cursor Keys Use these keys to move the cursor in the selected source’s menu screen. Press OK to choose the highlighted menu option or to toggle between the AM and FM tuner bands

9)Volume Keys These keys are used to raise or lower the sound level. Press the Mute key to turn the mute off or on

10)Channel Select Keys These keys are used to select the next or previous channel and to select next or previous chapter on some models of DVD players. Press the Last key to recall thelast-viewedchannel

11)Guide Key Press this key to display the program guide for the selected source

12)Exit Key Press this key to exit the selected source’s menu, guide, or program without making a menu selection

13)Direct Access Keys Directly enter channels (for example: 09 or 31). Press the Enter key to send channel number entry on certain TV models

14)Extended Function Keys Provide additional functionality for advanced features, menus, and guides

15)DVR Special Function Keys Special menu function keys used with DVRs

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