Friedrich KQ08E10 User Manual

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Room Air Conditioner

Installation and Operating




Registering Your

Room Air Conditioner

Model information can be found on the name plate located on the side of the unit near the control panel. Please complete and mail the owner registration card furnished with this product or register on-lineat (USA only). For your future convenience, record the model information here.






You have purchased a Friedrich KStar® room air conditioner. The Friedrich KStar® is designed to provide maximum comfort and quietness.

Table of Contents


Introduction ..................................................................................


Safety Precautions.......................................................................


How to operate your Friedrich KStar ® ........................................


Installation Instructions...............................................................





Before Operating Your Unit

Make sure the wiring is adequate for your unit.

If you have fuses, they should be of the time delay type. Before you install or relocate this unit, be sure that the amperage rating of the circuit breaker or time delay fuse does not exceed the amp rating listed in figure 1.

DO NOT use an extension cord.

The cord provided will carry the proper amount of electrical power to the unit; an extension cord will not.

Make sure that the receptacle is compatible with the wall plug provided.

This insures proper grounding. If you have a two-prongreceptacle you will need to replace it with athree-pronggrounded receptacle that meets all national and local codes and ordinances. You must use thethree-prongplug furnished with the air conditioner.









































Figure 1









































For the Best Cooling Performance and Energy Efficiency

Keep the filter clean

Make sure that your air conditioner is always in top performing condition by cleaning the filter regularly. Instructions for removing and cleaning the filter can be found on page 7.

Provide good airflow

Make sure that the airflow to and from the unit is unobstructed. Your air conditioner puts the air out at the top of the unit, and takes in air at the bottom. Airflow is critical to good operation. It is just as important on the outside of the building that the airflow around the unit exterior is not blocked.

Unit Placement

If your air conditioner can be placed in a window or a wall that is shaded by a tree or another building, the unit will operate even more efficiently. Using drapes or blinds on the sunny side of the dwelling will also add to your unit's efficiency.


Good insulation will be a big help in maintaining desirable comfort levels. Doors should have weather stripping. Be sure to caulk around doors and windows.


Safety Precautions

To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed.

Incorrect operation due to ignoring of instruction will cause harm or damage, the seriousness is classified by the following indications.


This symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious injury.

This symbol indicates the possibility of injury or damage to properties only.

■ Meanings of symbols used in this manual are as shown below.

Be sure not to do this.

Be sure to follow the instructions.


Plug in the power plug properly.

Otherwise, it will cause electric shock or fire due to heat generation.

Do not operate or stop the unit by inserting or pulling out the power plug.

It will cause electric shock or fire due to heat generation.

Do not damage or use an unspecified power cord.

It will cause electric shock or fire.

If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized service center or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

Do not modify power cord

Do not operate with wet

length or share the outlet

hand or in damp

with other appliances.


• It will cause electric shock or fire

• It will cause electric shock.

due to heat generation.


Do not direct airflow at room occupants only.

• This could lead to health problems.


Safety Precautions

When the air filter is

Do not clean the air

to be removed, do not

conditioner with

touch the metal parts


of the unit.


• It may cause an injury.

• Water may enter the unit


and degrade the


insulation. It may cause


an electric shock.

Ventilate well when used together with a stove, etc.

An oxygen shortage may occur.

When the unit is to be cleaned, switch the unit off, and unplug it.

Since the fan rotates at high speed during operation, it may cause an injury.

Do not put a pet or house

Do not use for special

plant where it will be exposed


to direct air flow.


• This could injure the pets or

• Do not use this air conditioner to


preserve precision devices, food,


pets, plants, and art objects.


It may cause deterioration of


quality, etc.

Do not operate switches with wet hands.

• It may cause an electric shock.

Do not apply an insecticide

Do not put a heater, etc.

or flammable spray.

where it is exposed to direct


air flow.

• It may cause a fire or deformation

• It may cause imperfect

of the cabinet.



The edges of the case can be SHARP!

Use caution when handling the case. Grip it firmly and do not allow it to slip while holding it.

Use heavy gloves to handle the case if necessary.


allow the case to slide against your skin!

Sharp edges


How to Operate Your KStar® Room Air Conditioner

The controls will look like the following.



When the air conditioner has finished cooling the room and is turned off or set to the fan position, wait at least 3 minutes before resetting to the cooling operation again.


1.Turn the Mode switch to the High, Med, or Low Cool setting.

2.Set the Temperature control to the desired temperature point (the mid-pointis a good starting position). If the room temperature is not satisfactory after a reasonable time, adjust the control to a cooler or warmer setting, as appropriate.


1.Turn the Mode switch to the High Cool setting.

2.Set the temperature control to the highest temperature point (all the way to the right).


1.Turn the Mode switch to the Low Cool setting.

2.Set the Temperature control as needed.

EnergySaver Switch

This rocker switch can be depressed to either YES orNO. In the yes position, you will get the most economical operation. Both the fan and the compressor will cycle on and off together, maintaining the selected temperature at a more constant level and reducing the humidity more efficiently. This control will only operate when the unit is in a cooling mode. In theNO position, the fan will run constantly as long as the unit is in the cooling mode.


How to Operate Your KStar® Room Air Conditioner

Additional controls and important information.


The ventilation lever must be in the CLOSE position in order to maintain the best cooling conditions. When fresh air is necessary in the room, set the ventilation lever to the OPEN position.

The damper is opened and room air is drawn out.

Part B

Part A


NOTE: Before using the ventilation feature, make a ventilation kit. First, pull down part to horizontal line with part.

Air Direction

The direction of air can be controlled horizontally or vertically by using the horizontal louver or vertical louver.

Horizontal Air-Direction

The horizontal air direction is adjusted by moving the inside louvers to the left or right.

Vertical Air-Direction

The vertical (up or down) air direction is adjusted by applying pressure to the bank of the horizontal louvers.


How to Operate Your KStar® Room Air Conditioner

Care and Maintenance

Grille and Case

Turn the air conditioner off and remove the plug from the wall outlet before cleaning.

To clean, use water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or abrasives.

Outdoor Coils

checked regularly. If they are clogged with dirt or soot they may be professionally steam cleaned, a service available through a dealer.

Air Filter

cleaned at least once every 2 weeks or more often if necessary.

The grille is designed to clean the filter both upward and downward.

• To Remove the Filter

1. Remove the front cover by gripping the top outside edges and pulling toward you.

You will notice that the grille will only open to about a 56° angle. Do not force the grille open too far.

2.Find the two clips that hold the grille in place. Gently lift the filter out.

• To Clean the Filter

1. Clean with warm (104°F or 40°C) water. Be sure to shake all water off before replacing the filter.

2. Carefully position the filter, bottom first, and snap back into place.

CAUTION: DO NOT operate the air conditioner without a filter because dirt and lint will clog it and reduce performance.


In humid weather, excess water may cause the BASE PAN to overflow. To drain the water, remove the DRAIN CAP and secure the DRAIN PIPE to the rear hole of the BASE PAN.

Drain pipe

Drain cap


Installation Instructions

Read these instructions completely and carefully.

Before You Begin

NOTE TO INSTALLER: Leave these instructions with the air conditioner after installation is completed.

NOTE TO CONSUMER: Keep this Installation and Operating Manual for future use.

Important notes:

It is recommended that proper attire be worn during installation.

For personal safety, this air conditioner must be properly grounded.

It is important to have the wall outlet and circuit checked by a qualified electrician if there is any doubt as to whether a proper ground exists.

Electrical Data


Do not under any circumstances, cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord.

Do not change the plug on the power cord of this air conditioner.

Aluminum house wiring may present special problems–consulta qualified electrician.

Line Cord Plug

Use Wall Receptacle

Power Supply

Use 15 AMP time delay fuse or circuit breaker.

Power supply cord with

Standard 125V, 3-wiregrounding

3-pronggrounding plug

receptacle rated 15A, 125V AC

Tools You Will Need


Scissors or knife



Ruler or tape measure





Installation Instructions

Electrical safety

For the user's personal safety, this appliance must be properly grounded

The power cord of this appliance is equipped with a three-prong(grounding) plug. Use this with a standardthree-slot(grounding) wall power outlet to minimize the hazard of electric shock. The customer should have the wall receptacle and circuit checked by a qualified electrician to make sure the receptacle is properly grounded.



Ensure proper ground exists before use

Do not cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power plug


Because of potential safety hazards, we strongly discourage the use of an adapter plug. However, if you wish to use an adapter, a TEMPORARY CONNECTION may be made. Use UL-listedadapter, available from most local hardware stores. The large slot in the adapter must be aligned with the large slot in the receptacle to assure a proper polarity connection.

Adapter plug

Metal screw

Receptacle cover


Do not use an adapter plug in these situations. Unplugging the power cord frequently can lead to an eventual breakage of the ground terminal. The wall power outlet should be replaced by a three-slot(grounding) outlet instead.

CAUTION: Attaching the adapter ground terminal to the wall receptacle cover screw does not ground the appliance unless the cover screw is metal, and not insulated, and the wall receptacle is grounded through the house wiring.

The customer should have the circuit checked by a qualified electrician to make sure the receptacle is properly grounded.

Disconnect the power cord from the adapter, using one hand on each. Otherwise, the adapter ground terminal might break. DO NOT USE the appliance with a broken adapter plug.

Use of extension cords

Because of potential safety hazards, we strongly discourage the use of an extension cord.