Cisco Systems WAE-7341-K9 User Manual

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Installing the Cisco WAE Inline Network Adapter

Product Number: WAE-INLN-4CG=

Models: FE-511-K9,WAE-511-K9,WAE-611-K9,WAE-512-K9,WAE-612-K9,WAE-7326-K9,WAE-7341-K9,


This document describes how to install the Cisco WAE inline network adapter in your edge or core WAE appliance. These instructions are intended for experienced technicians.

Note The Cisco WAE inline network adapter is not supported in a Central Manager appliance. (For more information, see the“Important Operational Notes” section on page 7.)


This document contains the following sections:

Product Overview

Safety Guidelines

Important Operational Notes

Installing Adapters in the FE-511, WAE-511, and WAE-611 Appliances

Installing Adapters in the WAE-512 and WAE-612 Appliances

Installing Adapters in the WAE-7326 Appliance

Installing Adapters in the WAE-7371, WAE-7341, and WAE-674 Appliances


Related Documentation

Obtaining Documentation, Obtaining Support, and Security Guidelines

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