Cisco Systems IGX 8400 User Manual
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C H A P T E R 4

Trunk Cards

This chapter describes the hardware and functionality of IGX trunk cards. The description of each card includes:


System interconnect

Faceplate indicators

Other publications that relate to IGX operation are:

The Cisco IGX 8400 Series Installation and Configurationpublication describes installation, troubleshooting, user commands, repair and replacement, and the rack-mount Cisco IGX 8420-to-IGX 8430 conversion.

The Cisco WAN Switching Command Referencepublication and the Cisco WAN Switching SuperUser Command Referencepublication describe standard user commands and superuser commands.

The Cisco WAN Manager Installationpublication and the Cisco WAN Manager Operationspublication both contain information on network management.

Trunk Cards 4-1