Califone 8100 User Manual

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8100 Series

MP3 Player Recorder

Owner’s Manual

8100 MP3 Player/Recorder

8101 MP3 Player/Recorder with headphone

8104 Portable Learning Center MP3 Player/Recorder with

4 headphones, jackbox and carry case

8100 MP3


Owner’s Manual

Thank you for choosing the Califone® (8100) MP3 Player/Recorder. The 8100 was designed to provide educators and students with a compact and portable solutionforplayingaudiofiles(MP3,WMV&WAVformats), listening to recorded books, lessons and music. It can alsorecordpodcastsandtrackvocalresponses,which is useful for applications such as language learning. Built to promote safe listening practices and limit noise-inducedhearing loss, the 8100 features Sentinel Technology™ which maximizes the output volume level to a safe 85dB (recommended by the American Speech&HearingAssociation).

I encourageyoutovisitour websiteandregisteryour 8100foritswarrantycoverage,andwhilethereplease learn more about the complete line of Califone audio visualproductsincluding:Portableandinstalledwireless PAsystems,multi-mediaplayers&recorders,headphonesand headsets, language learning,computerperipheral equipmentandvisualpresentationproducts.





The8100offersaneasy-to-usemenuinterfacewhichispackedwith features and simple to navigate. Its 512MB of internal flashmemorycanstoreupto36hoursofmusic,audiobooks or vocal recordings.With itsbuilt-inMMC/SD-cardslot it can accommodate up to 2GB of added memory, for up to 500 additional songs or 72 hours of additional material. Up to 18 hoursofaudiocanberecordedandstoredontheinternalflashmemoryusingthebuilt-inmic.

Using the included USB cable, simply connect the 8100 with your Windows or Macintosh computer. Once connected, just drag and drop the specified tracks into the 8100 and you’re readytoplay,listenandlearn.

Although the 8100 is simple to operate, please read through this guide to familiarize yourself with its features and design, andgetthemostoutofyournewMP3Player/Recorder.

Note: The number of audio files / playback time depends on fileformatandbitrate.Commonbitratesforaudiofilesrange from 32 – 192kbps. Lower bit rates(32-64kbps)are typically used for spoken word and audio books. Here are typical bit rates and the amount of material that can be stored on the internalflashmemoryusingthesebitrates:

32kbps 36 hours of material128kbps 9 hours of material192kbps 6 hours of material

Note: The8101and8104modelscomeequippedexclusively with fully adjustable Califone®8100-HPheadphones. Thesestereounitsfeatureprotectiveon-earambientnoise-reducingearcupstohelpblockoutexternalsounds,whichreducesthe needtoincreasethevolumeandalsohelpstokeepstudentson task. The headphones are made with rugged ABS plastic for durability.Ifmodel8100hasbeenpurchased, to learn more about the full line of high fidelity stereo headphones which are recommended for use with the Califone MP3Player/Recorder.

Warranty Coverage

ThewarrantyfortheCalifoneMP3Player/Recorderspecifically covers use in schools, churches and early childhood daycare centers, unlike consumer electronic products. It is built to the samestandardsastherestofourproductswhichteachersand otherpresentersrelyondayinanddayout.Califonewarrants thisproducttobefreefromdefectivematerialandworkmanship for one year from the purchase date. Our“Project Intercept” Customer Satisfaction program will replace defective parts andrepairmalfunctioningproductsunderthiswarrantywhen thedefectoccursundernormalinstallationanduse,provided the unit is returned to our factory via prepaid transportation onlyafterthefactoryissuesanRA(ReturnAuthorization)number whichmustbeclearlywrittenontheoutsideofthebox.


Returning your unit for service or repairs

Should your unit require service, first contact your dealer or our Customer Service Department at (800)722-0500or by emailwarranty@califone.comtoobtainaReturnAuthorization (RA) number. All shipments to Califone must include an RA numberonthecartonandmustshippedprepaid.C.O.D.shipments willberefusedandreturnedatyourcost.

Unpacking your MP3 Player/Recorder

Checkunitcarefullyfordamagethatmayhaveoccurredduring transit. Each 8100 is carefully inspected at Califone prior to shippingandpackedinaspecialcartonforsafetransport.

All Damage Claims Must be made with the Freight Carrier

Notifythefreightcarrierimmediatelyifyouobserveanydamage theshippingcartonorproduct.Repacktheunitinthecarton and await inspection by the carrier’s claim agent. Notify your dealerofthependingfreightclaim.


8100 Contents

Player only, does not come with a headphone




8101 Contents





8104 Contents








8100 Features

Integratedmicrophonetorecordvoicefiles(WAV) andforrecordingpodcasts

Dual3.5mmheadphonejacksfortwolistenersor morewithanattachedjackbox

SentinelTechnology™restrictsvolumetomaximum levelof85dBtoprotecthearinglevels

CapableofplayingWindowsMediaPlaysForSure®audiofile typesincludingMP3,WMAandWAVformatfiles







Automaticchargingwhenconnectedtoacomputer withitsUSBcable(orDCpowersupply)


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16. Hold switch

Sliding this switch to the ON (down) position will disable all button functionality. If a button is pressed while the Hold switch is engaged a HOLD message (depicted by a Lock icon), will appear momentarily in the display, and no action will be taken. If the Hold switch is engaged while attempting to power on the unit, the Califone logo will display, followed by the HOLD message, and the unit will power off.

15. A-BLoop button

The A-BLoop button is used to play a selected section of a track repeatedly. Pressing theA-BLoop button once will mark the start point of the section. An“A-“will appear in the display. Pressing theA-BLoop button a second time will

mark the end of the selection. “A-B”will appear in the display, and the selected section will begin looping.

To cancel loop playback, press the OK button (5).

NOTE: If you have selected a start point for a loop but have not selected an end point before the end of the current track, the loop function will reset and the“A-“will no longer be displayed.

14. Record button

Pressing the record button immediately places the 8100 into record mode, using the built-inmicrophone(2). Pressing the Record button again during recording pauses the recording until the Record

button is pressed again. To complete a recording, press the OK button (5).

13. Volume Up

Pressing this button raises the playback volume level up to a maximum safe listening level of 85dB with the Sentinel Technology™ feature engaged. (The 8100 arrives from the factory with Sentinel Technology™ feature “enabled”, but can be disabled for specific situations from the “Settings” Menu /Max Volume Limit.) The Volume Up button is active during playback even if the playback screen is not displayed.

12. Previous Track

Pressing this button during playback selects the previous track in the current track list, and begins playing that track from the beginning. If the currently selected track is the first, the last track is selected.

11. DC In jack

Connect an external power supply to this jack (not supplied).

10. Play/Pause

Pressing the Play/Pause button begins playback of the currently

selected track. Pressing the Play/Pause button during playback

pauses playback until the Play/Pause button is pressed again.

Controls and Connectors


The 8100 will only accept a 5VDC power supply providing up to 700mA of current.

Connecting a power supply of larger than 5VDC or 700mA will damage your unit and void

your warranty.

1. Headphone outputs

Connect one or two 3.5mm headphone connectors to one or both of these outputs. Volume level to both outputs is controlled by the Volume Up (13) and Volume Down(9) buttons.

2. Microphone

Use this built-inmicrophone to record student podcasts, vocal responses or other audio sources. This feature can be useful for tracking language learning and student assessments.

3. Display

The LCD screen displays the menu functions and operational messages. During playback, the screen displays the current track status, including track number, total tracks, track time, current position and playback status, as well as volume level, battery charge status and the current playback source (internal memory

or external memory card).

4. Menu button

Pressing the Menu button displays the Main Menu. For specific information on Menu functions please refer to the Menu Screen section of this user guide.

5. OK button

In playback mode, pressing the OK button will stop playback. In Menu mode, the OK button is used to confirm a Menu selection.

6. Next Track

Pressing this button during playback selects the next track in the current track list, and begins playing that track from the beginning. If the currently selected track is the last, the

first track is selected.

7.USB Connector

Connect the included USB cable to the mini-USBport on the unit, connecting the other end to your host computer. In addition to transferring tracks to and from your computer, the 8100’s internal battery will charge via the USB connection (fully recharged in 5 hours).

8.SD/MMC Card Slot

This slot will accommodate an SD or MMC memory card of up to 2GB. Cards larger than 2GB are not supported.

9. Volume Down

Pressing this button lowers the playback volume level. This button is active during playback even if the playback screen

is not displayed.


8100 Main Screen

At the top of the Main Screen

you will note several icons which indicate current settings on the 8100.


Source Icon





Mode Icon






EQ Mode







Track Title



Battery Icon

Subject Artist



Playback Status

Playing Time



Track Time

Playback Status




Track Time




Volume Icon Shows the current volume level

Memory Indicator Shows whether the current track is being

played from internal memory or SD card.

Repeat Indicator The arrow indicates that playback is set to Repeat All mode.

A“1”next to the arrow indicates RepeatTrack mode.

Shuffle Indicator An“S”indicates shuffle mode.


If an EQ setting is selected, it is indicated here


with the word“Rock,”“Class”or“Pop.”


Shows the battery’s current charge status.


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8100 Main Screens continued

Play Music

This menu accesses lesson or music tracks on the unit.

The sub-menusallow selection of tracks using standard

AMG meta-datatags.

Play All


Plays the entire selection of tracks loaded into the unit

Artist – Lists tracks by author or artist

Album – Lists tracks by lesson or album title

Songs – Lists tracks by chapter or song title

Genre – Lists tracks by genre

Year – Lists tracks by year

Exit – Exit to main menu




Play Voice

List To All Voice Files

Accesses a list of voice files recorded with the internal microphone.



This submenu selects from four pre-programmedequalization settings. Choose the equalization setting that works best for your application, music and personal preferences.

Normal – No EQ, not necessary for voice applications

Rock – Suitable for rock and heavier music

Classic – Suitable for full range classical and acoustic music

Pop – Suitable for pop and dance music

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Settings continued

Play Mode













Selects from different playback modes:





Normal – Plays back each track in succession

Repeat Track – Continually repeats the current track

Repeat All – Plays the full play list in succession,

Shuffle – Plays back tracks from the play list in random orde

then repeats from the beginning





Record Memory

Selects the destination for tracks recorded with the built-inmicrophone:

Internal – Records to thebuilt-inmemory of the 8100

SD Card – Records to an SD/MMC card in the memory


card slot of the 8100 (8)

Max Volume Control

Each 8100 arrives from the factory with the Sentinel Technolgy™ feature enabled, maximizing the playback volume level to 85dB.

Enable – Maximizes the playback volume level to 85dB

Disable – Disables maximum volume level limiter

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Settings continued

Resume Playback













Selects playback options on powering on.





Enable – When powered on, playback will resume

Disable - When powered on, playback will start at the beginning

from the previous track and position

of the first track on the current play list

Playtime Setting

Selects the amount of time after which the unit will automatically power off when in use.


Unit powers off after 30 minutes

90Mins - Unit powers off after 90 minutes


- Unit powers off after 60 minutes

Disabled – Unit will not power off automatically

Power Saving

Selects the amount of time after which the unit will automatically power off when idle.


Unit powers off after 1 minute

5Mins – Unit powers off after 5 minutes


Unit powers off after 3 minutes

Disable – Unit will power off after 30 minutes

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LCD Contrast

Settings continued

Controls the contrast of the LCD display. Selecting this function displays a variable scale indicator, controlled via the PreviousTrack (12) and NextTrack (6) buttons.

Back Light

Selects the amount of time before the backlight on the display turns itself off to conserve power.

5Sec – Backlight turns off after 5 seconds

30Sec – Backlight turns off after 30 seconds

10Sec – Backlight turns off after 10 seconds

Disable – Backlight is disabled (does not turn on)

Delete File

Selects files to be deleted.

Music File – Opens the Music Files play list to select files for deletion

Voice File – Opens theVoice Files play list to select files for deletion


Exit to Main Menu

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Using the 8100

1. Headphone outputs

16. Hold switch

15. A-BLoop button

14.Record button

13. Volume Up

12.Previous Track

11. DC In jack


9.Volume Down

Playing back lessons or music

To play back music on your 8100, first power

the unit on by pressing and holding the Play/Pause button (10). After initializing and scanning for available tracks, the Main screen will appear.

To play all tracks:

Press the Play/Pause button (10) once, or

Press the Menu button (4)

Scroll to Select All

Press OK (5)

To view tracks by meta tags:

Press the Menu button (4)

Scroll to the desired meta tag (Artist, Album, Songs, Genre,Year)

Press OK (5)

To play a single track repeatedly:

Press the Menu button (4)

Scroll to Settings and press OK (5)

Scroll to RepeatTrack and press OK (5)

2. Microphone

3. Display

4. Menu button

5. OK button

6. Next Track

7. USB Connector

8. SD/MMC Card Slot

To play all tracks repeatedly:

Press the Menu button (4)

Scroll to Settings and press OK (5)

Scroll to Repeat All and press OK (5)

To play all tracks in random order:

Press the Menu button (5)

Scroll to Settings and press OK (5)

Scroll to Repeat All and press OK (5)

Playing back voice tracks

Press the Menu button (4)

Scroll to PlayVoice and press OK (5)

Select a voice file and press OK (5)

Recording Podcasts & voice tracks

Press the Record Button (14)

To pause during recording, press the Record

button (14). Pressing the Record button again resumes recording

•To stop recording, press OK (5)