Bowers & Wilkins ASW1000 User Manual

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AS W10 00

Active S ubwoofer

Product Summary

The ASW 1000 features a 120w built in amplifier with a 12-inchlow-frequencylong

throw driver. As part of your home cinema system the ASW 1000 will truly enhance your

listening pleasure, as it underpins the higher frequencies with a fast and articulate bass


The ASW 1000 adds the deep bass territory to B&W's search for perfect sound

reproduction. This active subwoofer is designed to reproduce the slamming, precision bass

that is important to home cinema. Operating is easy with signal sensing 'auto turn on'.

Technical highlights

Flowport™: Golf ball aerodynamics theory points the way towards lower

distortion reflex ports. Dimples improve the way the air flows over the surface of

any object. In the case of reflex ports, they offer a significant improvement over

simply flaring the port ends in reducing air flow turbulence at each end of the

port; so you get less chuffing noise and less compression at high sound levels.

Subwoofer of the Year, over $1000

1998-1999Sound and

Image Awards Australia


Active vented-boxsubwoofer system with

Net Weight

30kg (66lb)


magnetic shielding


Height: 460mm

Drive Unit

1 x 300mm (12in) dia long-throw


Width: 540mm

Frequency response

± 3dB 25Hz – 40/140Hz adjutable


Depth: 500mm

Input impedance



Cabinet: Black Ash vinyl


120W continuous


Grille: Black cloth

Internal Volume

70 litres







B&W Loudspeakers Ltd reserves the right to amend details of the specifications without notice in line with technical developments. E & OE. All trademarks acknowledged.