BOSS BVT5.6 User Manual

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Please read this manual completely and carefully prior to installing

your new Boss mobile video equipment. Installed correctly. your equipment will provide you with years of enjoyable and safe entertainment.

Installation of this equipment in any portion of a vehicle which impairs

Or distracts the driver is improper and dangerous. Assumes no liability

whatsoever for failure to follow the proper installation of this product.

1.Do not operate this equipment while driving. Safe driving should always be your highest priority.

2.Do not install these components in areas which are susceptible to rain. moisture, direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold, excessive dust, dirt or humidity.

3.Immediately unplug the power cord and send the monitor to your local dealer as soon as possible:

a)if there is smoke or any peculiar odor present during use b)if there is damage to any of the component's casing

4.To avoid damage to the monitor and risk of electrical shock, do not permit this equipment to become damp or wet. If this occurs, immediately unplug the power cord and send the monitor to your local dealer as soon as possible.

5.Do not attempt to repair, open or disassemble any of the components due to dangerous high voltages.

6.Use only a power source with 12 Volts DC(negative ground).

7.Do not place objects on or suspend objects from the power cord, as this may damage the cord.

8.Do not twist or place the power cord near any source of heat.

9.Do not attempt to repair a damaged, broken or faulty power cord. Replace it with a new immediately.

10.Avoid dropping to repair a damaged, broken or faulty power cord. Replace it with a new one immediately.

11.After the monitor is installed, do not arbitrarily move it or strike it. This may loosen the mounting screws and cause it to break free.



Video1 input

Video2 input



5.6 Inch Headrest TFT LCD Color Monitor




Power Input/Consumption



Video Input

Composition Video Signal

Operating Temperature

0 - 40


Storage Temperature



Display Method

Active Matrix System

Overall Dimensions


Viewing Angle

Left,Right:45 Top:10





1152x234 pixel




1xMounting Bracket


1xA/V Cable


1xOperating Manual



Installation Guide:

1.Slide monitor into dash mount S2 and then use fastener to tighten(Optional)

2.Firmly attach dash mount on a flat surface and adjust viewing angle of monitor by tightening the fastener at the side


Focus on the concave of


monitor and headrest


shroud to insert

The instructions of the adjustable base: put the square nut into the groove at the back of the monitor and turn in the screw of the adjustable base to let the monitor reach a desired height. Lastly lock by tightening the big nut. The is for you to choose the best position of the screen.

Function Description

Brightness control: Used to compensate for use in different lighting environments. Color control: Used to adjust the color to use is preference.

Power Switch: Press ON/OFF.