AT&T 4695 User Manual
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Telephone Operation

Memory Dialing

Answering System

At the Base

Away From the Base


1.Choose a spot near an electrical outlet and a telephone jack. Your phone requires a modular telephone jack and a standard electrical outlet (110vAC). The outlet should not be controlled by a wall switch; if the switch is ever turned off, the phone will not operate.

2.Insert the cassette: Lift the cover. Insert the cassette with the full reel to the right.

3.Set the TONE/PULSE switch: Set the TONE/PULSE switch to TONE if you have touch tone service, or PULSE if you have dial pulse (rotary) service.

4.Set the RINGER switch (ON, OFF). Set the RINGER switch on the base unit to ON so the phone will ring. When the switch is set to OFF, the phone will not ring. The answering system will continue to answer calls as long as the ANS ON Light is on.

For table or desk installation skip to number 8 and proceed.

For Wall Installation Only:

Tools you will need: A hammer, a nail, a pencil or ballpoint pen, a Philips head (+) screwdriver, and the Wall Mounting Template.

5.Choose and mark the mounting position. The mounting screws should screw into a wooden stud within the wall – they will not hold securely in wall board alone. Locate a wall stud in the area where you want to install your phone. Use the Wall Mounting Template and a pencil to mark the screw positions on the wall over the stud. Put the template aside.

6.Install the mounting sleeves and screws. Start the screw holes by lightly tapping a nail into the marks you made on the wall. Remove the nail from the wall. Now slip the mounting sleeves onto the screws as shown, with the larger end of the sleeve toward the screw head. Insert the screws into the holes you started. Tighten the screws until the smaller end of the sleeve is flat against the wall.

7.Mount the base on the wall. Hold the base so the mounting sleeves on the wall will fit into the holes on the bottom of the base. Arrange the power cord through the groove on the bottom of the base. Slide the base down onto the mounting sleeves until it locks into place.

8.Connect the telephone line cord. The telephone line cord has asnap-inplug on each end. Insert one of the plugs into the jack in the rear of the base unit. Insert the other plug into a telephone jack. Make sure the plugs snap into place.

9.Plug in the power cord. Plug the AC adapter on the power cord into an electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switch. The cassettes will automatically rewind in 10 to 15 seconds.

10.Fill in the telephone number cards. On both the handset and base, insert a pointed object into the hole in the plastic window, and gently pry up the window until it pops out. Write your phone number on the card and replace the window.

11.Charge the handset batteries for 10 hours. Place the handset in the base and let the batteries charge for 10 hours. You can use your phone before the 10 hours are up, but be sure to return the handset to the base so it can charge fully. The CHARGING Light on the base unit will light to show the batteries are charging.

12.Check for dial tone. After the batteries are charged, pick up the handset. Now press PHONE on the handset. The PHONE Light should light, and you should hear the dial tone.