AOpen DVD520S User Manual
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Operating Precautions


When operating the DVD-RAMdrive

Do not touch the DVD-RAMdrive or its cable connector area. (Doing so may cause it to malfunction.)

Do not bring magnets or magnetic objects near the DVD-RAMdrive. (Operation may become unstable due to the effects of the magnetism.)

Do not use the DVD-RAMdrive when condensation has formed in or on it. (When theDVD-RAMdrive is suddenly taken from a cold place to a warm location, droplets of water (condensation) will form, causing the drive to malfunction. In such cases, remove the disc and leave theDVD-RAMdrive standing for about an hour before proceeding with operation.)

Do not expose the DVD-RAMdrive to the sprays from volatile insecticides, etc. (Doing so may deform the external cabinet or cause the paint to peel off.)

If the DVD-RAMdrive is used near a radio or TV set and it causes interference with reception, place it at least 6’6” (2 meters) away from the set or use a main outlet which does not share power with the set.

When moving or transporting DVD-RAMdrive

Remove any media from the DVD-RAMdrive before moving or transporting it.

Do not drop the DVD-RAMdrive or bump it into objects when moving or transporting it.


Maintaining the DVD-RAMdrive's panel surfaces

Turn off the power of the personal computer.

Gently wipe off the dirt using a soft dry cloth.

To remove stubborn dirt, soak the cloth in some diluted kitchen neutral detergent, wring it out well, and then wipe clean.

Observe any applicable precautions when using chemical cleaning cloths.

Do not use benzine, paint thinners or other solvents.


Maintaining the lens and discs

Dust, dirt, etc. will adhere to theDVD-RAMdrive’s lens,DVD-RAMmedia, PD cartridges,CD-ROMs,CDs and DVD discs over a prolonged period of use, possibly making it impossible for data to be read and/or written properly. Although the exact period will differ according to the operating environment and number of times theDVD-RAMdrive is used, we recommend that maintenance be performed using the cleaners available as an optional accessories once every one to four months.



Extensive Multimedia Support

Thanks to the dual laser, dual lens optic head and high-performance,high-speedLSI processing technology, thisDVD-RAMdrive supports not only the playback of conventionalCD-compliantmedia, but also the playback of DVD media, recording and playback ofDVD-RAMmedia and even PD recording and playback.


Supported media








DVD-RAM[supporting 5.2GB(double-sided),



DVD format

2.6GB (single-sided)]














PD format




















CD format




















Photo CD (supporting Multisession)








Video CD







An advance, new front-endloading mechanism

This advanced new front-endloading mechanism smoothly handlesDVD-RAMdiscs, PD cartridges,DVD-ROMs,CD-ROMsand other 120 mm disc media.


A full lineup of utilities included

MPEG 1 Coder (MPEG 1 compression program)

This program allows you to compress, in real time, full-motionvideo shot with a video camera and other data into the MPEG 1 format, and record it to aDVD-RAM

disc or PD cartridge. In addition, by using SoftPEGsupplied (an MPEG software decoder), you can also play back recorded video.

Note: With a single 2.6 GBDVD-RAMdisc, you could record for approximately 2 hours of MPEG 1 video (with a video data rate of 2.0 Mbps and an image size of 320x240).

FileSafe (backup program)

This program can automatically back up data in specified folders, or back up only updated folders to a backed up files can be used directly in Explorer and various applications.

DVD Agent (utility)

This software enhances the standard Windows 95 GUI by replacing the default icons for removable drives and CD-ROMdrives with customizedDVD-RAMicons. Additionally, DVD Agent provides functionality to automatically launch applications upon insertion of aDVD-RAMdisc or PD cartridge.