Antec MX-25 User Manual

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The Smaller, More Versatile Hard Drive Enclosure

Realize your data transfer potential with the incredibly versatile and easy-to-useMX-25,the portable 2.5” hard drive enclosure. With a dual USB 2.0 and eSATA interface and3-headUSB cable, the extremely lightweightMX-25supports SATA hard drives up to 500GB without breaking a sweat. No external power adapter is required, simply install your drive, connect it to your computer, and start transferring data at up to 480Mbps and 3Gbps, respectively. Make life easier for you and your data with theMX-25,the smaller, more versatile 2.5” hard drive enclosure.


Supports up to 500GB HDDs

Dual output interface: USB 2.0 and eSATA




Box dimensions: 242mm (H) x 111mm (W) x 41mm (D) /

9.5” (H) x 4.4” (W) x 1.6” (D)

Included 3-headUSB cable:

-1 mini USB connector

-2 USB connectors

Lightweight, portable and easy to use

Compatible with Windows 2000™, XP™, Vista™ and Macintosh OS X™

Supports eSATA cable & power adapter


Unit dimensions: 134mm (H) x 82mm (W) x 18mm (D) /

5.3” (H) x 3.2” (W) x 0.7” (D)

Net weight: 0.42 lbs / 0.2 kg

Gross weight: 0.62 lbs / 0.3 kg


Hard drive not included

* If your hard drive is not formatted, you will need to format it first

1-800-22ANTEC(US) / +31 (0) 10462-2060(EU)