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DVD-ROMRegion Code Settings

MAX Servers, Powerfile, MAX-AVP


All DVD players and most DVD discs are labeled for operation within a specific geographical region in the world. For example, the U.S. is in "Region 1". This means that all DVD players sold in the U.S. are made to Region 1 specifications. As a result, Region 1 players (DVD players that are set to Region 1) can only play Region 1 DVD coded discs.

MAX Servers, the PowerFile Multi-DiscLoader and theMAX-AVPAudio/Video player feature internalDVD-ROMdrives. The region code setting for the internalDVD-ROMmust match the region code of the DVD disc(s) you are attempting to load. If the region code setting on theDVD-ROMdoes not match that of the DVD disc that is inserted into the drive, the disc will not be recognized.

Note: The information in this document does not apply to theMMS-12SServer, since theMMS-12Sdoes not feature aDVD-ROMdrive.

IMPORTANT: You can change the region code setting on your MAX device’s

DVD-ROMdrive up to five times, and no more. The region code setting is locked down in theDVD-ROMdrive the fifth time it is set, permanently setting to that last region code setting. At that point there is no way to change the region code setting again.

The number of resets still available is indicated at the top of the Change Region page (see FIG. 1).

MAX Servers - DVD-ROMRegion Code Settings

By default, MAX Server’s DVD-ROMdrives are set to read DVDs withRegion 1 encoding (for U.S., Canada and U.S. Territories). Depending on what region of the world you are installing and operating the MAX Server, you may need to change the region code setting in order to read DVDs.

If a DVD is inserted that has a region code that is different from that of the DVD-ROMin the MAX Server, you will receive an error message indicating that there is no disc in the drive when you press theIdentify Disc button in the Record tab.

The region code setting for the MAX Server’s DVD-ROMcan be changed via theChange Region option in MAX Admin Menu (accessible via the Server Configuration option in WinMAX):

The number of region code setting resets still available is indicated here (Max resets = 5).

Accessing the MAX Admin Menu

Use the WinMAX application to initiate a telnet session with the MAX Server that you want to change DVD Region Code settings for:

Note: The latest version of WinMAX is available for download (for registered AMX dealers only) (Dealers > Tech Center > Application Files

> WinMAX).

1.Launch WinMAXand open the System Configurationtab.

2.Click the disc icon (to the right of the text field) to save any changes, and connect to the specified IP or URL (FIG. 2).

Enter the MAX server’s

IP address or URL here

Click here to save changes

Click here to open a telnet session with the server

FIG. 2 Server IP Address or URL entry (in WinMAX)

3.Click the Server Configuration button to initiate a telnet session with the MAX server.

4.When the telnet window opens, you are prompted to enter a login (User Name and Password). These are case sensitive, and by default:

User Name = root

Password = mozart

Changing the DVD Region Code Setting On MAX Servers

1.Insert a DVD in the MAX Server’s DVD-ROMdrive.

2.In the System Information tab, click theServer Configuration button to access the Admin Menu.

3.Use the arrow button on your keyboard to scroll down and highlight the

Change Region option.

4.Press the Return (Enter) to open the Change Region page.

5.Use the up/down arrow buttons on your keyboard to select the appropriate region code setting for your region, and press the spacebar to make your selection (indicated by an "X" to the left of the number).

The number of resets still available is indicated at the top of the Change Region page (FIG. 1).

Note: Refer to the MAX Servers Operation/Reference Guide (available online at for information on the other options available in the Admin Menu.

Changing the DVD Region Code Setting On MAX-AVPs

Use the Region Control options on theSetup Page - Locale tab to change the DVD region code setting on theMAX-AVP:

1.Highlight DVD Region and press SELECT to scroll through the different region codes (displayed in the text field) until you see the region that you want to set the AVP to.

2.Highlight and select Set Region. The system prompts you to verify this action, and reminds you of the number of region code changes still allowed (FIG. 3):

FIG. 1 MAX Admin Menu - Change Region

In the event that you expect to load large numbers of DVDs with different region codes, you should group the DVDs together by region to minimize the number of times you’ll have to change the region code setting (keeping in mind that it can only be changed a maximum of five times).

Also, insure that the last region code setting made matches the region in which the MAX Server will be installed.

FIG. 3 Changing DVD Region Code Settings dialog

3. Highlight and select Accept to change the region code, or Cancel to return to the Setup Page – Locale tab without changing the region code.

Changing the DVD Region Code Settings On the PowerFile

The PowerFile Multi-DiscLoader has two internalDVD-ROMs(“Drive 1” and “Drive 2”), each of which may require that you specify a DVD region different than the default setting of Region 1.

The PowerFile is shipped as a kit (the “MAX-MDL200Multi-DiscLoader System”) that includes a PC and cables necessary to connect the PowerFile, to the PC and a MAX server. Refer to the MDL200Multi-DiscLoader System Installation Guide (available at for product specifications and connection instructions.

Note that since the PowerFile includes two internal DVD-ROMdrives, you can set the region code on each drive, and you may choose to specify different region codes for each (see below).

The PowerFile must be connected to the PC in order to change the region code settings. To change the region code setting on the PowerFile’s DVD-ROMdrives:

1.Mount a DVD disc to the internal DVD-ROMdrive (in the PowerFile) that you want to change the region code setting for (Drive 1 orDrive 2). To load a disc in either of the PowerFile drives:

a.If there are no DVDs in the PowerFile, insert at least one DVD into the PowerFile’s disc carousel:

In BulkRipper, right-clickon any slot (in theDisc/Slot Window) and selectLoad from the context menu.

Insert a DVD into the PowerFile (via the Disc Loading Slot on the front panel). Note that the disc is now loaded to the slot that was selected, but not yet mounted on either of the internal DVD drives.

b.On the PC, launch Windows Explorer.

c.Go to the C:\Program Files\Powerfile C200\Changerdirectory. This directory contains a listing of all of the slots on the PowerFile, each one indicated as a .CHG file.

d.Right-clickon any slot that holds a DVD (not an audio or data CD) disc, and selectMount from the context menu. You should be able to discern which CHG file represents a DVD (as opposed to an audio CD or data disc) by the CHG filename. SelectingMount opens asub-menu,where you can select which of the PowerFile’s internal drives to mount the DVD disc to (Drive 1 orDrive 2).

e.Select the drive that you want to change the DVD Region Code setting for (select Drive 1 orDrive 2). Once you have made this selection, the DVD is mounted to the selected drive, and the PowerFile is ready for you to change the DVD region code setting (for that drive only).

2.On the PC, launch Windows Explorer and select My Computer.

3.Under Devices With Removable Storage, you should see a listing of three disc drives - one represents theDVD-ROMon the PC (typically the first one in the list), and the other two represent theDVD-ROMson the PowerFile.

4.Right-clickon one of the PowerFileDVD-ROMdrives and selectProperties to access the Properties dialog for the selected drive.

5.In the Properties dialog select the Hardware tab to view a listing of all disc drives on the PC, including the PowerFile’s twoDVD-ROMs(listed as “Powerfile DVD1” and “Powerfile DVD2”).

6.Select one of the PowerFile DVD-ROMdrives and click on theProperties button to access the Device Properties dialog for the selectedDVD-ROM.

7.In the Device Properties dialog, select the DVD Region tab.

8.Select the region code that you want to assign to the selected DVD-ROMby selecting a geographical area from the list, and clickOK to apply your changes.

The number of resets still available is indicated in the Device Properties dialog.

Repeat these steps to specify the region code for the second DVD-ROMdrive, if necessary. Note that a DVD must be mounted in theDVD-ROMdrive in order to change this setting.

For example, if you had only loaded one DVD disc into the PowerFile to change the Region Code Setting on Drive 1 as described in the steps above, you would select Unmount from the CHG file context menu to unmount it from Drive 1, then use theMount command again to mount the same disc to Drive 2.

Since you configure each of the DVD-ROMsindependently, you can take advantage of the fact that they each be set to a different region code.

For example, if you intend to load a large number of DVDs with multiple region codes, consider setting different region codes on the two drives to accommodate the majority of DVDs/region codes in the set. You can use the BulkRipper software to specify which drive you load each movie to.

In this way you could reduce the number of times you would have to change the region code settings.In effect, having two DVD-ROMsin the PowerFile allows you to make up to a total of 10 region code setting changes, even though the standard limit of five changes perDVD-ROMis still hardwareenforced.

DVD Region Codes

The following table lists the six international DVD Region Codes used by all DVD-ROMs:

• REGION 1: USA, Canada

REGION 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Greenland

REGION 3: S.Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Parts of South East Asia

REGION 4: Australia, New Zealand, Latin America (including Mexico)

REGION 5: Eastern Europe, Russia, India, Africa

REGION 6: China


2 5


2 6






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