ADC FireWire Patch Panel IEEE 1394a User Manual

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ADC IEEE 1394a

FireWire® Patch Panel


ADC’s IEEE 1349a Firewire patch for broadcast connectivity accommodates 12 or 24 ports in one rack unit and mounts in standard 19-inchracks. The panel offers a passive interconnection solution for digital video editing needs.Industry-compatiblesix-pinIEEE 1394a connectors on both the front and rear of the panel allow the interconnection of cameras, servers, workstations, andnon-linearediting suites via FireWire at 400 Mb/s bandwidth. The result is increased flexibility

and productivity without sacrificing performance and reliability.


IEEE 1394a compatible six-pinconnectors

400 Mb/s bandwidth

High-density12 or 24 ports in one rack unit

Plated panel housing to facilitate superior shielding and grounding

Designation and port numbering

w w w . a d c . c o m • + 1 - 9 5 2 - 9 3 8 - 8 0 8 0 • 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 3 8 9 1

O r d e r i n g I n f o r m a t i o n



Catalog Number





4.45 x 48.26 x 5.75 cm


compatible FireWire patch panel

(1.75" x 19" x 2.25")






4.45 x 48.26 x 5.75 cm


compatible FireWire patch panel

(1.75" x 19" x 2.25")





Note: FireWire® is a registered trademark of the 1394 Trade Association


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