ADC ETP-64 User Manual

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ETP-64Ethernet Termination Panel

Central Office Connectivity for Carrier Ethernet Services

Spec Sheet

The Ethernet termination panel was developed to provide a streamlined transition from the connectorized interface cables of a carrier Ethernet system to main distribution frame (MDF) paired circuits.

The panel is relay rack mounted and terminations are made on the rear of the Ethernet panel. Installing the ADC ETP-64Ethernet termination panel allows separate circuits to route individually or grouped as needed by bringing all circuits out to the MDF.


All connections made on rear side of ETP-64

64ea. 4-wireEthernet ports from Central Office based equipment via 50 pin AMP (male/plug type) connectors

64ea. 4-wireEthernet ports (128 pair) to MDF viaLSA-PLUSNT IDC terminal blocks

Internal wiring directly connects the equipment side to MDF side (no cross connect jumpering)

ETP-64converts from 50 pin AMP type connector to individually paired circuits

Test access point for wire testing and troubleshooting of equipment independent of MDF wiring

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Spec Sheet


EAD Ethernet Access








































Cross Connect

Ethernet Termination





To Customer












MDF Main Distribution



















The ADC ETP-64Ethernet termination panel accepts the 50 pin AMP type connectors from the Ethernet access device (EAD) and transitions toLSA-PLUSNT circuit terminations that are cabled to MDF and terminated on blocks that support cross connecting to individual circuit assignments.

Ordering Information


Catalog Number



ETP-64Ethernet Termination Panel

6638 1 128-00

64ea. 4-wireEthernet circuits (128 pairs)







Dimensions (HxWxD):

1051 x 560 x 647 mm (5.25 x 23 x 8.22 inches)

Equipment Side Terminationst:

64ea. 4-wireEthernet circuits (6ea. AMP 50 pin connectors, male/plug)

MDF Side Terminations:

64ea. 4-wireEthernet circuits (128 pairs)LSA-PLUSNT IDC terminal blocks



MDF Terminations:

LSA-PLUSNT disconnect block (white)

Contact Resistance:


Insulation resistance:

>5 x 104 MΩ

Contact Material:

Copper Alloy

Contact Plating:


IDC Reterminations:


Cross Connect Wire Requirements:

22AWG-26AWG,tinned, cross connect wire for all terminations


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