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HiGain® HDSL

Fast, Economical, Reliable, and Manageable T1 Deployment

Spec Sheet

Line Units

Doubler Units

Remote Unit

ADC’s HiGain® HDSL systems are used by telco providers worldwide to quickly, economically, and reliably turn uphigh-speeddata, voice and video services. HiGain HDSL provides transport of T1 service over two unconditioned copper pairs at distances up to 12,000 ft/3.6 km on 24 AWG (0.5 mm) or 9,000 ft/2.7 km on 26 AWG (0.4 mm) per span (up to 5).

HiGain provides extensive diagnostics, including a 4-characterreal-timedisplay. Because they are available in a variety of mechanics (3192, 220, DDM+, LiteSpan, or 200/400) HiGain Line Units (HLU) can be installed in existing managed or unmanaged CO shelves. When ADC HiGain managed shelves (HMS) or HiGain Retrofit Managed Shelves (HRMS) are used, all configuration and performance monitoring can be remotely performed by the Network Operations Center (NOC).

HiGain Doubler Units (HDUs) allow HiGain systems to be used for applications outside the Carrier Service Area (CSA), increasing the range by up to five times up to 60 Kft/18 Km on 24 AWG (0.5 mm) or 45 Kft/13.5 Km on 26 AWG (0.4mm). Span equipment consists of HDUs that can be deployed in the existing repeater enclosures or in remote enclosures for higher deployment density and lower deployment costs. Outdoor enclosures from ADC are available for both above and below ground installations.

ADC’s HiGain Remote Units (HRUs) are designed to install both indoors and outdoors in a variety of remote enclosures, or on existing remote mountings on or near customer premises. They operate as slaves to the HLU and incorporate loopback functions and LED indications for simple installation and maintenance. The HRUs provide the industry-standardANSI T1.403 interface toward the customer.

w w w . a d c . c o m • + 1 - 9 5 2 - 9 3 8 - 8 0 8 0 • 1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 3 8 9 1

7 / 0 8 • 1 0 6 6 6 9 A E HiGain® HDSL

HiGain® HDSL

Fast, Economical, Reliable and Manageable T1 Deployment


Up to 5-spanreach [60 kft/18 km on 24 AWG (0.5mm) or 45 kft/13.5 km on 26 AWG (0.4mm) see figures 1 and 2]

Lowest power consumption and heat dissipation

Low voltage (<140 VDC) powering of up to two spans (one doubler)

Safest line powering (Class A2 or Class A3)

Ultra-lowsystem delay

BPV transparency for copper-fedDLC support

Stratum 1 clock capable

Full compatibility with the installed base of HiGain systems

Variety of industry-standardmechanics

Front-panelcraft ports,DSX-1test access and status display and provisioning

Comprehensive OAM&P data

NEBS Level 3 and UL/CSA compliance

O r d e r i n g I n f o r m a t i o n













Catalog Number





















Central office line unit, “3192” mechanics





























Central office line unit, “220” mechanics





























Central office line unit, “DDM+” mechanics



























Line unit for LiteSpan 2000, craft port managed, display, option buttons, test access jacks






















Central office line unit, 200/400 mechanics



























Central office line unit, 200/400 mechanics with DS1 and HDSL lines reversed























Micro doubler, “239” mechanics, single-slot





























Micro doubler, “200” mechanics































Line/local powered, “200” mechanics


















































Line Unit




remote Unit






















12 kft

12 kft

12 kft

12 kft



































































48 kft on 24 aWG

Figure 1: Up to 4-SpanExtended Reach with all doublers and remotes line powered





















Line Unit



Remote Unit











































12 kft

12 kft

12 kft

12 kft

12 kft


















(-48VDC Local






































Power Required)























60 kft on 24 AWG

Figure 2: 5-SpanExtended Reach with doublers line powered and remote locally powered

w w w . a d c . c o m

+ 1 - 9 5 2 - 9 3 8 - 8 0 8 0

1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 3 8 9 1


7 / 0 8 • 1 0 6 6 6 9 A E HiGain® HDSL

HiGain® HDSL

Fast, Economical, Reliable and Manageable T1 Deployment


HDSL Transmission


Line Code:

784 kbps 2B1Q




two non-loadedtwo-wiremetallic cable pairs

Output Signal:

+13.5 dBm ±0.5 dB into 135Ω

Maximum Provisioning Loss:

35 dB @ 196 kHz, 135Ω

DSX-1Interface (CO Side)


Output Level:

6 Vpk-pk,pre-equalizedfor 0 - 655 ft of ABAM cable

Input Level:

+1.5 to -7.5db DSX



Line Rate:

1.544 Mbps ±200 bps

Line Format:


Frame Format:

ESF, SF and unframed

DS1 Interface (Remote Side)


Output Level:

6 to -7.5Vpk-pk

Input Level Sensitivity:

> -22.5dB

Line Rate:

1.544 Mbps ±200 bps

Line Format:


Frame Format:

ESF, SF and unframed

Output Level:

0, -15dB (selectable)



One-wayDS1 Delay:

<200 μs (HLU and HRU) + <80 μs (HDU)

Wander (looped):

0.3 UI max (1 UI = 648 ns)

Wideband Jitter (looped):

0.2 UI max

Narrowband Jitter (looped):

0.1 UI max



Each Span:

CSA design rules, e.g. 9 kft on 26 AWG or 12 kft on 24 AWG,


no load coils, bridged taps per CSA guidelines

Number of Spans:

5 total, 4 line powered

DSX-1Test Access (CO Side)


“210” Bantam jacks:

bridging, splitting/line, splitting/drop

DS1 Test Access (Remote Side)


“210” Bantam Jacks:

bridging (monitor and test)



Fuse Open:

LLOS, RLOS, LOSW, BER, margin, power feed short or ground






generic HiGain, intelligent repeater, T1 standard


activated from craft port (HLU and HRU),


system options buttons (HLU), or loopback button (HRU)

User Interfaces (CO Side)


Craft Port:


Front Panel:

four-characterdisplay, status LED, system options buttons

w w w . a d c . c o m

+ 1 - 9 5 2 - 9 3 8 - 8 0 8 0

1 - 8 0 0 - 3 6 6 - 3 8 9 1


Specifications (Cont'd)

User Interfaces (Remote Side)


Craft Port:


Front Panel:

status LEDs

Provisionable Options

Equalization, SmartJack and special loopbacks, power feed


mode, T1 frame format, BER alarm threshold, loopback timeout,


alarm disable, DSX-1line code, AIS on 1LP, AIS on SmartJack


NREM, DS0 blocking, RLOS alarm enable, alarm pattern, BPV



Line Powering



Low, auto, high, disable

Line Voltage:

140 VDC or ±112 VDC



CO Supply:

-48VDC (nom.)(-42.5VDC to-56.5VDC)

Environmental (Operating)



5% to 95% (non-condensing)


-40°Fto +149°F(-40°Cto +65°C)

NEBS Compliance

NEBS Level 3 Class A2 or A3 per GR-1089-COREdepending on


the operation mode Applicable Sections: GR-63-CORE,GR-499-


CORE, GR-1089-CORE,SR-3580

Regulatory Compliance

UL 1459, CSA, FCC Rules Part 15 Class A

Spec Sheet

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