Abocom BM560 User Manual

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The BluetoothTM Modem Adapter

Connecting wirelessly has never been easier!

The BM560, a modern BluetoothTM wireless technology Modem, enables you to connect your computer to the public switch telephone network for wireless WAN connection and Internet access.

The BM560 features the latest BluetoothTM wireless connection technology with a V90 56Kbps

standard modem. With BluetoothTM wireless technology, the modem transmits data almost immediately by ashort-rangeradio connection, and ensures both protection from interference and insures secure data transfers. In addition the V90 modem is suitable for indoor operation such as home and office environments.

Combining the hottest BluetoothTM wireless technology with the V90 modem technology the BM560 allows users to accesse-mailor web sites effortlessly.

Get rid of all those troublesome cables, and enjoy surfing the net right now!



Plug & Play

DTE rate up to 115,200bps CE, R&TTE approval V.92 Hardware Ready

Wireless connection via BluetoothTM radio transmission between PC host and modem.

FAX Mode

V.17 (14400bps FAX), V.29 (9600bps FAX), V.27ter (4800bps FAX)

V.21 Channel-2(300bps FAX) Class 1 Fax Command Set


V.90 (56Kbps down stream only)

V.34 (33600 to 24000bps) symmetric and asymmetric operation

V.32bis (14400bps), V.22bis (2400bps) V.32 (9600bps), V.22 (1200bps)

Bell 212A (1200bps), Bell 103 (300bps) V.42bis (data compression), MNP 5 (data compression)

V.42 (error correction), MNP 2-4(error correction)


Complies with Bluetooth SIG, Inc. specification Rev. 1.0

Uses 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band. High-speedwireless transmissions, up to 721 Kbps data throughput. Connection range up to 32 feet (10M).