Abocom ARM914 User Manual

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802.11g Wireless Router

Quick Installation Guide






Check for Packing List:

1.One Wireless G BroadBand Router

2.One Power Adapter

3.One Ethernet Network Cable

4.One Set-upCD-ROMwith User’s Guide

5.One Quick Installation Guide

Application Diagram

Connect the 802.11g Wireless


Before you begin, ensure that the Wireless Router, the DSL/Cable modem supplied by your IP Provider, and PC are turned off.

Existing Connection

Connect your DSL/Cable Modem to the Internet port on the Wireless Router using a standard RJ-45Ethernet cable.

Connect an Ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports on the back of the Wireless Router to the Ethernet port on your PC.

Turn on the DSL/Cable modem first.Then turn on your wireless router.

Check the LEDs:

The Power, Internet, and WLAN LEDs should be ON.

For each active LAN (PC) connection, the LAN Activity LEDs (1-4)should be ON.

Turn on your PC.


Before setting up the Wireless Router, make sure your PCs are configured to "Obtain an IP (or TCP/IP) address automatically".

For Windows 98/ME/Macintosh

Please refer to the User©s Guide found on the CD.

For Windows 2000 & XP

1.Go to Start Control Panel Network and Internet Connections (Right-clickon) Local Area Connection Properties.

2.Make sure the box next to Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is checked. Click the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click theProperties button.

3.Select "Obtain an IP address automatically". Select "Obtain DNS server address automatically". Then click OK to complete the PC configuration.

4.Restart your computer.

Router Configuration

(for Internet Access)

For Windows 2000 & XP users, your computer should obtain an IP Address automatically from the Wireless Router©s DHCP Server, after you©ve done the above steps and restarted your computer.



802.11g Wireless Router

Quick Installation Guide






Start your WEB browser. In the Address box, enter the following:


The following screen will come up. The default user name is "admin" and the default password is left blank.

Press the Setup Wizard to configure the router.

Click Next to let the Wizard configure your wireless router for Internet


Refer to the data from your ISP and the table below to select the type of Internet Access you have.

Click Next to continue and follow the on-screeninstructions.


Type of Internet Access


Connection Type

Data Required




Usually, none.

Cable modem


But some ISP may require a particular Hostname,


Domain name, or MAC (physical) address.




Login name and password.






Login name and password, Server IP Address.

DSL/ADSL modem


Login name and password.







Login name and password, Server IP Address.




Login name and password, Server IP Address.




Usually, none.




But some ISP may require a particular Hostname,




Domain name, or MAC (physical) address.

Telstra Bigpond Cable

Please enter the Server IP Address, Login User Name and Login Password.




SingTel RAS

Please enter the Login User Name, Login Password and RAS Plan (512K or





Other (e.g. Fixed Wireless)

Please choose one of the two ways for your Internet Connection: Dynamic



IP Address assignment or Static IP Address assignment.

On the final screen of the Setup Wizard, click Finish to complete the configuration. Wait for a while and the system will run a test of your Internet Connection.

Once the process is finished, the message will appear to ask you to press OK. Then click Close when you wish to exit the


Start your Web Browser on the PC again and try to connect to a well-knownsite (i.e., www.google.com.tw) to check that an Internet connection can be established.


If the connection fails, check both your data of step 4~15 and the Cable/DSL modem.

If you have any problems or are unable to setup using this Quick Install Guide, please refer to the complete User©s Guide found on the CD.