Abocom 1394b User Manual

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The E94B is a 1394B/FireWire Host Adapter for Multimedia Application, which is specifically designed to plug into a desktop or laptop equipped with an

ExpressCard slot. The E94B also provide 1394B/FireWire functionality to your legacy Windows, Linux or Mac machine with a simple 1394/FireWire adapter Expresscard you plug into an available Expresscard slot.

The E94B are two external 1394B/FireWire ports that can support dozens of 1394B/FireWire devices like video cameras, hard drives, andCDR-Wdevices and a single Expresscard Port that will allow you to plug into a desktop or laptop equipped with Expresscard slot .

The E94B supports up to 63 devices chained together and multimedia isochronous application (Audio and video applications require a guaranteed isochronous delivery of data to prevent delayed orout-of-orderframes. 1394B/FireWire did that, and did it better than USB 2.0 ) .


Compliant With ExpressCard standard


TI 1394B OHCI Controller

Fully Compliant With PCI Express V1.0a


Provide Two Fully Backward Compatible,


Fully Support IEEE1394-1995


(1394a-2000Fully Compliant ) and Billingual


Fully Support IEEE std 1394a-2000


P1394b Cable Port at up to 800 Mbps

Fully Support provisions of IEEE P1394B


Interoperable With Other 1394 Device


Revision 1.33 at 1G signaling rates


Data Transfer Rate up to 2.5Gbps ExpressCard


Fully Interoperable With FireWireTM, i.LINKTM


Link Speed and up to 800 Mpbs IEEE1394b


and SB1394TM


transfer rate

Fully Compliant With 1394 OHCI V1.1


Support IEEE std 1394a-2000,IEEE std1394-1995and IEEE P1394B Expresscard standard V1.0

Full x1 PCI Express V1.0a Through Put Max 800Mbps

Host Interface

High-powerExpressCard Socket powered from PC system, no external power needed

Suspend power saving mode supported




54mm(W) * 108mm(D) * 5 mm (H)













EMC Certification


FCC Part 15B in US, CE EN55022/EN55024













Supported Operating System


Windows 98SE, ME, XP and Windows 2000, Apple Mac OS 8.6 or above (Including




X and beyond)