Zephyr Pattern Glass AHG-00WH, Pattern Glass AHG-00BL User Manual


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Pattern Glass



For use with Horizon range hood



User instructions

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Notice d’utilisation

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Manual de utilización

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Istruzioni per l’uso

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Installation instructions

The glass can be installed either prior to or after installation of the hood. If the hood has not been mounted to the wall, place it on a solid work surface.

1. Open the top glass door. See Fig.1

WARNING! Hold the glass to prevent it from falling after the next stage.

2.Undo the (6) wing nuts securing the glass to the panel. Fig.2

3.Remove the glass.


4. Position the glass from the kit on the door panel by sliding it until it touches the rear lip ensuring that the pins are within the slots. Fig.3B



- 2 -

5. Replace the 6 wing nuts, tightening only the two at the front and leaving the other 4 loose. Fig.4

6. Close the door carefully until it latches.

- Check for correct alignment:

the side edges have to be aligned, and the distance between the top secured glass and the lower glass should be approximately 1/16” across the whole width. Fig. 5

- If the glass is po-



min 1/16"

you may


to step 9, otherwise please continue to the next stage.

7.Open the door again, then loosen

the 2 front wing nuts and adjust the alignment by sli-

ding the glass.

8.Tighten the 2 front wing nuts and try closing the door again.

Please Note! If the alignment is still not correct, repeat the procedure from step 7.

9. Open the door and tighten the 4 remaining nuts. Now the glass has been fully secured to the hood.

Installation instructions

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Notice d’utilisation

Il est possible d’installer le verre avec le produit déjà fixé au mur ou avant sa fixation. Si l’appareil n’a pas encore été fixé au mur, posez-le sur un plan de travail stable.

1. Ouvrir la porte. Fig.1

ATTENTION! Maintenez le verre pour éviter qu’il tombe après la phase suivante.

2. Dévissez les (6) écrous oreilles qui fixent le verre au panneau. Fig.2

3. . Enlevez le verre.



4. Positionnez le verre du kit sur

le panneau, en le faisant glisser


jusqu’à la butée arrière et assurez-


vous que les goujons rentrent dans


les fentes. Comme illustré fig.3B





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