Yetter 2961-012 Guidelines User Manual


Guidelines for the 2961-012 Cut-n-Feed

1.The 2961-012 Cut –n-Feed was designed to provide tillage for the planter row unit, place starter fertilizer 2 1/2" to the side of the row at a depth of no more than 1" below the seed, while the 2967-035 residue manager clears the row of residue.

2.The planter should be equipped with a piston style fertilizer pump, delivering 15-25 psi at the injection tip located near the soil surface. For best results the Cut-n-Feed should not be used in Mulch-till or where stones are present.

3.The Cut-n-Feed is designed to fit the following planter row units: J.D. 7000, 1700, 72007300, Kinze 2000-3000,Yetter, Great Plains, and White 6000. ( Will not fit White 8000, Case/NH, D.A./Landoll, etc.).

4.The Cut-n-Feed is best utilized where frame mounted fertilizer openers can't be used. When possible, use standard fertilizer openers, tillage coulters, and row cleaners on planters where space is not a problem.

5.If space for frame mounted fertilizer openers is not available, but there is no need for row tillage ( mulch-till, etc.), then a 2959/2967-180 may be a better choice for fertilizer placement.

6.The 2961-012/2967-035 will require extra down force (either spring kits or air bags, etc.) and at least 23" of clearance in front of the planter faceplate. Row spacing less than 30" is not recommended.

7.Fertilizer placement is set to 2 1/2" to the side of the row and should not be changed.

8.If a Cut-n-Feed is to be installed without the 2967-035 residue manager, two 2967-035 faceplates (2967-343) per row are required as spacers, to gain ample clearance between the fertilizer coulter blade and the injector spring. If a 2571-014 ( 14" ) smooth blade is used, the clearance is reduced by another 1/2", making adjustments very critical. Three 2505-345 (1/2"x2" car. bolts) are also required per opener when using the spacer plates.

9.Types of tillage, residue flow, space limitations, and fertilizer placement are all very critical with this attachment and should be considered before placing an order.

If you have addition questions, please call our service department at 800-447-5777.