XtremeMac XGC-1e User Manual


XGC-1e X t r e m e G r e e n h o u s e C o n t r o l l e r

The XGC-1e Xtreme greenhouse controller from C.A.P. controls all of the main devices that are used in today’s modern hydroponic garden. The built-in Fuzzy Logiccontrols your CO2 level with unmatched accuracy.

Word To The Wise...

Before attempting to operate the XGC, you should at least take the time to look at the Example Connection diagram on page 2 and read the “Startup Procedure on page 3 of this manual. To get the most out of the XGC1e, familiarize yourself with this manual. It contains many useful hints, examples and a troubleshooting guide.

Important Stuff To Remember

The XGC is designed to operate from a 120vac, 15-amp power source. It can safely control up to 15-amps of equipment including up to 1000 watts of HID lights. If required, additional lights and larger equipment can be connected to the XGC-1e by using our HPR, MLCs or UPM “Universal Power Modules”.

In addition to lights, the XGC also maintains the temperature and humidity by controlling your exhaust fan(s). CO2 levels can be controlled with the builtin timers, which are coordinated with your exhaust fans and function only when the lights are ON.

Protection & Safety

The XGC is overload protected a main 15-amp fuse. Do not exceed the maximum rating of the XGC-1e.

IMPORTANT: Replace blown fuses with fuses of the same rating ONLY!

Note: A surge suppressor / power strip is always recommended when operating electrical equipment such as the XGC.


The XGC is protected by our 3-year limited warranty. All components are

warranted by R & M Supply against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for 3-years from the date of purchase. The XGC is 100% maintenance-free and does not require service.

Installation / Start-Up

There are a few requirements for a successful installation and start-up.

1)The XGC must be mounted in a vertical position. Mounting feet are included to allow you to secure the unit to a wall.

2)The XGC requires “free air movement” to maintain temperature and humidity accuracy. The top and bottom of the enclosure has ventilation slots to provide airflow through the unit however, we greatly recommended using an oscillating fan in the growing area to provide fresh air for the internal humidity sensor and provide adequate ventilation for the internal electrical components.

3)A dedicated 120 VAC, 15-amp power supply is recommended. A ground wire (3-wire outlet) must be used. Do not use 2-wire adapters or cords to operate the XGC.

4)The XGC must be protected from water. Do not mount the unit where it can be exposed directly to water.

5)Read the rest of the manual!!! It has been designed to take you through step-by-step to make start-up a breeze.

XtremeMac XGC-1e User Manual



“The XGC-1e is a self-contained greenhouse control system designed for people who want simply the best all-in-one controller available”.



2 Exhaust


24 hour timeclock

Hydro “ON” timer

Night device outlet

CO2 device outlet



2 Light


Hydro mode selector switch

Hydro “OFF”


2 Hydro pump Outlets

Fuzzy Logic

CO2 controller

Fuse protected 15-amps @ 120 volts

Start-Up Procedure


“There is no substitute for reading and understanding the operating manual however... You can use the instructions on this page for a trouble -free start-up”.

How To Start-Up The XGC

1)Locate a suitable source for power. A 3-wire, grounded, 15-amp dedicated circuit is recommended.

2)Secure the enclosure to a wall using the enclosed mounting “feet”. The XGC requires a vertical orientation for proper internal ventilation. If proper ventilation is not provided, the thermostat may not be able to properly control the temperature & humidity of the growing area.

3)Plug the XGC into the power source. Do not connect your lights until you have set the “ON and “OFF” times on the 24-hour timeclock.

4)You may want to change the CO2 set point on the “Fuzzy Logic”controller. Normally 1250 to 1500 PPM is recommended for most applications. Once you set the PPM level, the built-in CO2 sensor and “Fuzzy Logic”module work together to actually dial-in the perfect parameters for YOUR area automatically. Refer to Changing the setpoint (SV).

5)Now set the thermostat and de-humistat to the approximate settings you would like to use. A small, inexpensive combination thermometer and hygrometer works just fine to “dial in” the exact settings. Just compare the reading on the thermometer to what the XGC is set at and adjust as required.

6)You can now select the Hydro mode you would like to use. Choose between operating the Hydro outlet during the “Daytime” only or, 24-hours a day. Move the Hydro mode switch to the appropriate position. Moving the switch to the center “OFF” position momentarily will reset the timer.

7)There are 2 timers on the XGC, which are used to control your hydroponics pumps. To fully understand the timers that control the XGC, refer to the Timers section of this manual. Set the Hydro “ON” and “OFF” timers to your desired settings before continuing. (Refer to Timers)

8)The 24-hour timeclock can now be set. Push in the trip levers on the front face of the timer dial for the time you want your lights to be “ON”. Rotate the dial to the current time to set the timer.

9)Now you can plug the equipment you will be using into the appropriate receptacles. Remember that the XGC can handle a combined load up to 15-amps. A single 1000-watt HID ballast needs over 9-amps alone. Select and size your pumps and fans appropriately or use our UPM-1 or MLCs to increase power capacity.

*Note: We highly suggest NOT plugging in your HID ballast just yet.

10)When the “day” cycle begins, the “Lights” indicator will light up to confirm power is going to the (2) light receptacles. If you have selected the “Daytime” setting on the Hydro mode, the “Hydro Pumps” indicator will also light up to indicate your pump

is powered for the amount of time you selected

11)You can manually override the timeclock to switch from “night” to “day” or back to Night by rotating the outer dial of the timeclock

slowly clockwise. At night, the Lights and CO2 are disabled while the thermostat and humistat continue to control the temperature and humidity.

* NOTE: The Hydro outlet will also be disabled if the “Daytime” mode is selected on the Hydro mode switch.

12) When all settings have been confirmed, the HID lights or UPMs can be plugged into the “Lights” receptacles. If more than 1000 watts are to be controlled, use our Universal Power Modules or the MLCs.

* IMPORTANT: Do not plug in more than 1000 watts worth of lighting into the XGC receptacles.

13)Monitor the equipment connected to the XGC to ensure proper operation. Small adjustments are likely to be made until you find the right combination of controls. Once you are happy with the settings sit back and enjoy the show!

For more details concerning any of the XGC functions, refer to the appropriate section of this manual.



“The XGC-1e controls your lights, hydroponic pumps, exhaust fan or A/C, de-humidifier, heater and CO2 level with “Part-Per-Million” accuracy… automatically! No more guesswork!

24 Hour Timeclock

The timeclock selected to run the XGC performs all of the day to night transitions required for crops requiring controlled photoperiods. It can directly control up to 1000 watts of HID lights.

To set the current time on the timeclock, turn the dial clockwise until the current time on the outer dial lines up with the arrow on the inner dial. To set the timeclock on and off times, carefully push in each of the orange trip levers at the times you want the lights to be on.

*NOTE: If power is interrupted, the timeclock will have to be reset.

Temperature Controller

The XGC utilizes a remote-bulb thermostat with a 30” lead to control ventilation and cooling functions. This allows you to place the temperature sensor up to 30” away from the XGC. The thermostat can be set to control temperature from 50 – 115’F.

The thermostat is coordinated with the CO2 control system and the exhaust receptacles to maintain a constant temperature. When the temperature rises above the set point selected on the thermostat, the CO2 system is disabled and the Exhaust receptacles are enabled. When the temperature level drops below the set point, the CO2 system is re-activated.

IMPORTANT: To achieve the greatest accuracy, provide the XGC with plenty of “fresh air”. The enclosure is designed to allow air to pass over the humidity sensor.

Humidity Controller

The XGC utilizes a de-humistat to control ventilation and humidity levels. The de-humistat can control humidity levels from 20% - 80%.

The de-humistat is coordinated with the CO2 control system and the exhaust receptacles to maintain a constant humidity. When the humidity rises above the set point selected on the de-humistat, the CO2 system is disabled and the Exhaust receptacles are enabled. When the humidity level drops below the set point, the CO2 system is re-activated.

Hydro Mode Select Switch

The Hydro mode select switch is used to select whether the hydro outlet will cycle 24-hours or only during the day. The mode selector switch also doubles as a Hydro bypass switch. Each time the switch position is changed to the center “OFF” position, the hydro timers will reset and initiate a new cycle. This comes in handy during set-up of the hydro pumps and timer settings.

NOTE: *Leaving the mode select switch in the center position disables the hydro function.

Night Only Device

An additional outlet is provided which is powered only at “night” when the lights are turned OFF. This works great for heaters, fans, dehumidifiers or any other device that needs to run only at night.

What Is “Fuzzy LogicCo2 Control?

What set’s the XGC-1e apart from the competition? Fuzzy logic… What is “fuzzy logic”? Fuzzy Logic can be compared to a good driver. As a good driver approaches a red light, he or she applies the brakes to gradually slow down BEFORE getting to the intersection. Fuzzy Logic uses the same idea to bring the CO2 level up to the desired setting without going over the set point. With Fuzzy Logic, relatively safe compressed CO2 can replace LP / gas CO2 generators economically.

The XGC combines an extremely accurate infrared CO2 sensor with a state-of –the-art Fuzzy Logic module to give you the most precise method of controlling supplemental CO2. SIMPLY SET IT… AND FORGET IT!

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