Xtant Model X1001 User Manual

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X1001 Owners Manual

XT000472 4/01 NDM170

Xtant technologies

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Your Xtant X1001 Amplifier



The x$(($ is a one channel (mono) bass amplifier designed to provide high power* exceptional flexibility and outstanding performance in an all+in+one package, It can be utilized to operate a complex woofer system or* with its on+board crossover* be easily integrated into a multi+amp mobile audio system,

The internal crossover’s RCA line outputs can be utilized to feed High Pass frequencies to additional amplifiers* thus* eliminating the need for external* active crossover components, As with all X series amplifiers* the x$(($ incorporates a forced convection thermal management system and a Pulse Width Modulated power supply for high efficiency and unsurpassed reliability and on+board accesssory ports which allow performance upgrades, All these fea+ tures are encased in Xtant’s exclusive finish of stainless steel,


Thank you for your purchase of an Xtant amplifier, The concept is simple – a more carefully engineered amplifier will produce superior sound, That is our passion – to exceed your expectation of the automotive llistening experience, We are driven by it, To accomplish this lofty goal* it takes the finest engineering talent in the business* combined with a dedication to superior materials, And we add in a multitude of features* unique cosmetics* and creative system integration,

Xtant products are only available through the finest* most highly+specialized mobile audio retailers, Your Xtant Select Dealer was chosen because of their passion for excellence and their commitment to expanding their expertise, Please remember* exceptional audio requires professional installation, Your Xtant Dealer will optimize your system and your level of satisfaction,

Whether you are deeply involved in autosound competition* or a privately passionate connoisseur of fine music* we salute you* and appreciate your investment in quality mobile audio,

We look forward to a long and lasting relationship!

Welcome to Xtant!





Please take the time to read this Owners Manual,

The following guidelines are designed to assure a safe and properly installed Xtant Mobile Audio System,

All Xtant amplifiers and accessories are intended to be installed by a certified professional mobile audio installation specialist, It is the recommendation of Xtant Technologies that your new Xtant product(s) and all of your mobile audio products be installed by your Authorized Xtant Select Dealer,

Installer’s Reference (insert)

The Installer’s Reference is an insert included in this manual, It is designed to assist your Authorized Xtant Select Dealer’s professional installer, Installation techniques critical to the creation of a high+performance mobile audio sound system* (proce+ dures for running wires* basic safety rules* and system layout concepts) are not pre+ sented in this owners manual, All Authorized Xtant Select Dealers have been chosen for their expertise in system design and advanced installation capabilities and Xtant highly recommends that you have all of your mobile audio products professionally installed, If* however* you choose to install your Xtant amplifier yourself* please refer to the Installer’s Reference prior to installation,

Wiring Requirements

All Xtant amplifiers have minimum wire gauge requirements for Power: $/( gauge* Ground: $/( gauge and Speaker cables: $! gauge,

Fusing Requirements

The x$(($ is not fuse protected! For safety* an outboard $!( amp fuse may be added close to the amplifier, A $!( amp fuse must be installed in+line with the power wire at the battery, In the case of a multi+amp system* use a fuse value equal to the combined value of all (system amplifier’s) on+board power fuses,

Water and Moisture

Install all Xtant amplifiers and accessories in a location free of moisture or expo+ sure to water,


Installation Instructions



This document has been crafted to make installation* system design and trouble+shooting* a quick and easy process,

Installation Sequence

Remove Amplifier Cover:

Loosen allen head screws and lift+off cover, Do not remove protective covering on stainless steel lid until installation is complete,

Temporarily Mount Amplifier:

The amplifier is designed to be anchored through the four (") holes located on the circuit board/base assembly,

Mark Wires for Termination and Remove X$(($:

Determine wire lengths for Power* Ground* Remote* & speaker cables, Mark for cutting/termination, Remove x$(($ before cutting and terminating all wires, CAUTION: stripping wires over the circuit board may cause product failure,

Crossover Set+up:

Adjust crossover mode jumpers at your work bench, Also* change crossover frequency SIP’s if desired, Refer to crossover modes of operation on opposite page,

Input Sensitivity:

Make initial adjustment to input gain at your work bench, To increase input gain* place jumper in the -!( dB position, To decrease input gain* place jumper in the (* +$(* or +!( dB position, Refer to Input Sensitivity Adjustment on back panel for more information,

Mount the Amplifier and make all connections:

Install the amplifier and make all wire connections, i,e: Speaker* Power* Remote* Ground* and RCA input,

Double Check All Connections! Turn On Amplifier,

Check red LED* it should be on,

Adjust Amplifier Output Gain Pot,

After Fine Tuning the System:

Remove protective covering from amplifier and clean per the mainta+ nence section on page & of the Owner’s Manual, Attach cover to base,


English Crossover Modes of Operation

The $(($x is equipped with a two+way electronic crossover, The Lowpass function of the crossover is dedicated to the amplifier (x$(($) and the High pass function of the crossover is available at the on+board RCA line outputs,

The jumper labeled Lowpass Slope Select allows either $! or !" dB per octaves slopes to be selected for the Lowpass function of the x$(($,

The Line Out Mode Select jumper controls the function of the on+board RCA line outputs and offers two (!) modes of operation: Bypass and high pass,

The High pass Slope Select jumper provides independent $! or !" dB per octave slope selection for the High pass function available at the RCA Line Outputs,

The High and Low Pass frequencies are determined by the Frequency Modules (SIPs) installed in the three (') SIP sockets pictured on the insert, One SIP determines the Lowpass frequency* while two (!) SIPs determine the High pass frequency, Each frequency setting is independent and may be changed to suit your needs,

Crossover Frequencies & SIP’s

The frequency (SIP) “ID Code” printed on the SIP and the associated frequency value is detailed below, The x$(($ is shipped from the factory with &( Hz high pass and LowPass frequency modules (SIP) installed, To change a frequency module* simply remove the resistor SIP and replace it with the appropriate SIP value to achieve the desired frequency,


SIP Number


! ! "

) (

H z

$ ' "

# (

H z

$ $ "

. (

H z

$ ( "

& (

H z

% . '

$ ! (

H z

) % '

$ ) (

H z

! # '

' ( (

H z

$ ) '

) ( (

H z

$ ( '

# ( (

H z

# ) !


k H z

! " !


k H z

$ . !


k H z

$ ) !


k H z





Convection Cooling

“X” Series amplifiers employ forced convection cooling for thermal man+

,An on+board thermal sensing circuit regulates fan speed to maintain operating temperature, Please see “Dual Fan Circuit” on page # for cooling options,

Regulated PWM Power Supply

“X” Series amplifiers feature a fully regulated* Pulse Width Modulated supply, This supply technology provides high efficiency and consistent out+

even when battery voltage is less than optimum,

dB per octave “Butterworth” filter network is standard on the x$(($

,Both Low Pass and High Pass frequency selection is via a $! pin Module (SIP), The amplifier is shipped with &( Hz SIPs installed* $!

frequencies are available from your Xtant Dealer, The crossover’s Low is dedicated to the x$(($ while the High Pass or Bypass functions at the RCA line outputs,

/ Floating Input

enabled* this circuitry helps to eliminate “system noise” associated with loops”, When combined with the input sensitivity adjustment* it allows

to accept up to $#V of input signal,

Expansion Port

amplifiers are supplied with a modular port(s) used for docking any signal processing modules,


* Overcurrent and Low Voltage protection are incorporated into In the event of a problem* the amplifier will reduce its power to main+ , In the case of Low Voltage* the amplifier will shut off when the

voltage falls to $$ Volts or less,


LEDs* visible through the cover* indicate operational status of the X$(($ , The red LED illuminates when the amplifier is “ON”* the yellow LED that overcurrent protection is employed and the orange LED indicates thermal protection circuit is operational,


Xtant X1001 Specifications



Frequency Response

) Hz to )(( Hz -/– ' dB

Number of Channels


Watts per Channel @ "Ω

$ x )((

Watts per Channel @ !Ω

$ x $(((

Watts per Channel @ $Ω

$ x $(((

Distortion (THD)

0 !1

Signal to Noise Ratio

2 &( dB

Damping Factor

2 !(( @ $(( Hz with "Ω Load

Input Sensitivity

$(( mV to .,) V RMS Unbalanced



$(( mV to $# V RMS Balanced

Input to Line Output Gain

( dB -/– !( dB* Selectable in $( dB Steps

On+Board Crossover

$! or !" dB per Octave “Butterworth”

Line Outputs:


Yes* High Pass or Bypass Mode

Module Port(s)


! – Accessory

Power Supply


Fully Regulated* Pulse Width Modulated

Operational Voltage

$$ to $) Volts

Size (L x W x H)

!($$⁄$%” x $()⁄$%” x !'⁄$%”



)!)mm x !%$mm x ))mm



Limited " Year Parts and Labor



Requires $!( amp



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