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Three attractive, inexpensive solutions for assured, on-command home heating!

Power heating in a compact package!

Get quick efficient warmth, without the need for venting or electricity. Relax in comfort created by these 99.9% efficient heaters with low fuel consumption and quiet operation.

For additional money-saving efficiency, install one of our optional blowers.

25,000 Btu/hr


The warmth and charm of this model creates a fireplace-look – perfect as a mini hearth!

6,000-30,000 Btu/hr

5,000-30,000 Btu/hr

Infrared Heaters

Provides direct radiant heat. Ceramic plaques behind the grille gives this heater its’ warm glow.

Blue Flame Heaters

Distributes heat evenly throughout your room. This heater’s cheerful blue-flame is visible from behind the safety glass. (Shown with floor base)

Design Features

No electricity required

Simple top-mounted controls and “Matchless” pilot igniter

Easy-to-install practically anywhere

Mounts to wall or optional floor mounting base

99.9% heat efficiency keeps all the heat in the room

Temperature and safety controls

Natural and propane gas models

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