Williams 400 Series, 250 Series User Manual



Heating System

A compact, efficient and versatile heating system for add-on rooms, apartments and homes!

Williams’ “through-the-wall or through-the- window” gas furnace is an unobtrusive, self-contained direct-vent system that installs easily and quickly using a unique slide-in/slide-out chassis. This design feature also makes servicing easy.

The quiet centrifugal blower system delivers warmth evenly throughout the room. Our compact system offers heating comfort and economical operation.

Window installed models can be conveniently removed during the cooling season.



System installed in window

Design Features

Compact design saves living space

Great for additions, apartments and propane models are approved for mobile homes

Thermostat mounts on wall or unit

Front or rear gas connection increases installation flexibility

Dependable solid state ignition

Automatic temperature and safety controls

Natural and propane gas models

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