Williams 2100541, 2100542 User Manual

Williams 2100541, 2100542 User Manual

Bring a room to life with the comfort of our Vent-Free Fireplaces, Fireboxes and Fireplace Logs

Freestanding Vent-Free Fireplace

Our freestanding vent-free fireplaces need no hearth – they sit anywhere, in any room, to bring you hearth-felt comfort! Offered in an ivory finish.

Deluxe Vent-Free Firebox

Combine one of our vent-free fireboxes and fireplace log sets to enjoy all the comfort of flame-wrapped split oaks radiating warmth from your very own glowing hearth – and do it with 99.9% heat efficiency. All this without the expense of a chimney.

Vent-Free Fireplaces,

Fireboxes and Logs

25,000 Btu/hr

Design Features

No electricity or venting required

Easy installation

Eliminates costly firewood

Natural and propane gas models

99.9% heat efficient –

keeps all the heat in the room

Fireplace includes natural-looking, axe-split log sets

Vent-Free Fireplace Logs

With our Williams’ vent free fireplace log set, the exclusive cross-lighter design maintains full yellow flame even on low setting.

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