ViewZ VZ-185PM-P Quick User Guide


18.5” HD-SDI / 3G Broadcast Monitor



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Please read this manual carefully to ensure proper use, including connection and operation. Also, keep this manual for future use.

Class B Equipment (Broadcasting and Telecommunications Equipment for Home Use)

This equipment is for home use (Class B) and granted a Certificate of Conformity for electromagnetic radiation. It is designed for home use and can be used in all regions.

(These images are for illustrative purposes only. They may vary depending on circumstances.) Please read the Safety Instructions carefully to ensure proper use of the product.

Warning/Caution Label Description

This label indicates potential safety hazards during use.

Failure to do so may result in personal injury or property damage.

Warning/Caution Label Description

This label indicates prohibited actions. This label indicates instructions that must be followed.

Power Supply Instructions

If you do not use the monitor for a long time, please set it to DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) mode.

If you turn on a screen saver, set it to Moving Picture mode.

Do not use damaged power cords, plugs, or loose outlets. Failure to do so may cause an electric shock or fire.

Never remove the plug or power cord from the outlet with wet hands. - Failure to do so may cause an accident due to an electric shock.

Make sure that the power cord is firmly plugged into the outlet and not loose.

-Unstable connection may cause a monitor blackout or fire.

-To disconnect, grip the plug and pull from the outlet. Pulling the cord may cause Fire.

Do not insert several plugs into an outlet.

- It may cause a fire or accident due to overloading.

Never use a damaged plug or outlet. Such use may result in an accident such as an electric shock or fire.

- Failure to do so may cause a fire or accident due to a short circuit.

Excessive bending of the power plug may cause disconnection or a short circuit.

- Please note that disconnection may cause a fire or accident due to a short circuit.

Do not remove the power cord while using the monitor.

- An electric shock occurring during disconnection may damage the monitor.

Installation Instructions

If the monitor is to be installed and used in a special place rather than under normal conditions, the surroundings may cause serious quality problems. Before installing the product, please check with our Service Engineer.

Do not install or use the product in humid or dusty locations.

- Failure to do so may cause a fire or accident due to a short circuit or electric shock.

Make sure that the monitor stand does not stick out of a desk, shelf, or case when installing the product.

- If the product falls to the ground, it may be broken or damaged.

Maintain a distance of over 10cm from the wall when installing the monitor.

-An increase in the temperature inside the monitor may affect the service life and performance of its components.

Set down the monitor gently to avoid impacts.

- An impact may cause monitor failure or personal injury.

Make sure to keep the power cord away from any heat source.

-Melting of the cord coating may cause an electric shock or fire. Please adhere to the warning.

-Do not place cigarettes, candles, or mosquito repellent incense on top of the product.

To mount a wall-mount monitor on the wall, please consult an expert.

- Installation by an unqualified person may cause personal injury. Make sure to use the designated mounting device.

Cleaning and Use Instructions

Do not spray a cleaning solution directly on the monitor.

-Directly spraying on the monitor may significantly increase the risk of discoloration, cracks, or peeling of the LCD panel surface.

Do not use or keep flammable sprays or substances near the product.

- Careless handling of flammable substances may cause an explosion or fire.

Make sure to disconnect the power cord before cleaning. - Failure to do so may cause an electric shock or fire.

Pull out the power cord and wipe it with soft, dry cloth when cleaning the product.

- Do not use chemicals, including wax, benzene, alcohol, thinner, mosquito repellent, air freshener, lubricant, or cleaning solution.

Do not put items that can easily catch fire, such as metal chopsticks, wire, awls, paper, or matches, into the air vent, headphone port, or AV port.

-Failure to do so may cause an electric shock or fire.

-If water or any foreign object gets into the product, turn off the product, unplug it from the outlet, and contact our Service Center.

If one image is displayed for a long time, it may cause burn-in or image persistence.

- If the monitor is not used for a long time, set it to Power Saving mode or Moving Picture mode such as animated screensavers.

If the monitor makes unusual noises or smoke, unplug the product and contact our Service Center.

- Failure to do so may cause an electric shock or fire.

ViewZ VZ-185PM-P Quick User Guide

Do not cover the air vent.

- Improper ventilation may cause monitor failure or a fire.

If the product is not used for a long time, disconnect the power cord.

- Dust buildup may result in an electric shock or short circuit or fire due to heat output, ignition or deteriorating insulation.

Do not place the monitor on unstable or vibrating locations, such as shaking shelves or inclined surfaces.

-The fall of the product may result in failure or personal injury. Using the monitor on a vibrating location may shorten its service life or cause a fire.

When moving the monitor, make sure to turn it off and unplug from the outset. Also, make sure that other cords such as the antenna and other connecting cables have been disconnected.

- Moving the monitor without disconnecting the cod will damage the cord, which may cause a fire or electric shock.

Make sure that no child hangs on to or climb on the product. - If the product collapses, it may cause injury or death.

Set the product resolution and frequency correctly. Otherwise, it may lead to eye problems. - The resolution varies depending on the monitor size. Find and set the correct resolution

Use the monitor in the correct posture.

-Sit up straight.

-Position the monitor at a distance of 40-50cm below eye level, and make sure to look straight at the monitor.

-Tilt the monitor back 1 to 20 degrees and adjust the height slightly below eye level.

-Keep the arms perpendicular to the body and parallel to the back of the hand.

-Make sure the elbows are positioned at a 90-degree angle.

-Maintain a knee angle of over 90 degrees and adjust the monitor height to keep the heels on the floor and the arms above the heart.

Checking Control Buttons / Names & Functions of I/O Port ……………………...…


Checking Control Buttons


Names & Functions of I/O Port


Main Features………………………………….…..………………………………………


Menu Tree & Control…………………………… ………………………………..………


Menu Tree


Menu Control


To Get Started……………………...………………………………………………………


Menu Controls and Functions ………….……………..………………..……………..…


Picture Settings.


Color Settings


Audio Settings


Marker Settings


Remote Settings


SDI Analyze


System Settings


Specification …………..…………………………………………..………………………


This Monitor was

Manufactured by ISO 9001

Certified Factory

- 1 -

Checking Control Buttons / Names & Functions of I/O


1. Checking Control Buttons




Short Keys &



Programmable Keys








Up / Down






Main Select Jog

10. Power

1 234 5


78 910

2. Names and Functions of I/O Ports




3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10



1. AC 110~240V




DC 12~24V In

7. Audio In/ Out






CV123/ YPbPr/ SYSC




HDMI In/ Out

10. RS422 In/Out

- 2 -

Main Features

Internal SDI to HDMI Converter

Closed Caption : CEA-608/708/Line21(SDI)

Color Calibration (Gamma, Color Temperature 3200K, 6500K, 9300K)

Waveform(YCbCr/RGB)/ Vectorscope Parade Support(SD/HD SDI)

Selectable Y/R/G/B Histogram(SD/HD SDI)

3G SDI LEVEL A/B (YCbCr, RGB 4:4:4) Support.

SDI Embedded 16CH Audio Level Meter.

SDI Embedded 2CH Select Audio Waveform.

Focus Assist(SD/HDSDI)

False Color(SD/HD SDI)

Y Clip Guide Min/Max Select (SD/HD SDI)

12bit to 8bit / 12bit to 10bit Dithering.

Dynamic UMD Support.

DSLR Scaling (HDMI)

Blue Only, Mono


Time Code Display

Monitor External Control : Remote , RS422(Daisy Chain)

Selectable 2 User Key

DPMS Select

Color Bar / 100% White Internal Patten

Easy Menu Control by Jog

- 3 -

Menu Tree & Control

1. Menu Tree

Main menu includes

1)Picture Settings

2)Color Settings

3)Audio Settings

4)Market Settings

5)Remote Settings

6)SDI Analyze

7)System Settings

The picture above shows Audio Settings menus in ViewZ monitor.

2. Menu Control

Menu control can be handled in two ways by

1)Main Select Jog

2)Front Keys

Press Menu button or Main Jog to enter menu

Use Up / Down keys on front or turn the main jog to choose desired menu

To enter desired menu press Enter key or Main Jog

To exit to the previous step press Exit key or press Main Jog for 2 seconds

Menu turns to blue when selected

Grey menus are not yet activated

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