Victory Refrigeration VPT-119-NS, VPT- 88-NS, VPT- 46-NS, VPT-65-NS, VPT-119-NS, VPT-88 User Manual

Victory Refrigeration VPT-119-NS, VPT- 88-NS, VPT- 46-NS, VPT-65-NS, VPT-119-NS, VPT-88 User Manual

R e f r i g e r a t i o n a t i t s b e s t

Installation, Operation & Troubleshooting Instructions

Pizza Table Refrigerator

For Models: VPT- 46-NS, VPT-65-NS, VPT- 88-NS, VPT-119-NS

Manual Part No.: 50842804

Rev: 00

Print Date: 07/20/04

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Thank you for purchasing a Victory Refrigeration Pizza Table Refrigerator! This unit has passed our strict Quality Control Inspection and meets the high standards set by Victory Refrigeration. You have made a quality investment that with proper maintenance will give you years of service.

Please read the following installation and maintenance instructions before installing or using your unit. If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at (856) 428-4200.


Please read these instructions carefully before installing or using. If recommended procedures are not followed, warranty claims will be denied.

Your Warranty Registration information is located on the next page of this manual. Please complete the card and submit it to Victory Refrigeration within 10 days of installation. Failure to properly register equipment can void the warranty.

Victory Refrigeration reserves the right to change specifications and product design without notice. Such revisions do not entitle the buyer to corresponding changes, improvements, additions or replacements for previously purchased equipment.

A detailed Owners Manual with a troubleshooting guide, parts lists and additional information can be ordered from the factory or may be downloaded free from the website at


(Continental USA Only)

The Seller warrants to the original purchaser, equipment manufactured by Seller to be free from defects in material and workmanship for which it is responsible. The Seller's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to replacing or repairing at Seller's option, without charge, F.O.B. Sellers factory, any part found to be defective and any labor and material expense incurred by Seller in repairing or replacing such part, such warranty to be limited to a period of one year from date of purchase or thirteen months from date of shipment from Seller's factory, whichever is earlier, provided terms of payment have been fully met. All labor shall be performed during regular working hours. Overtime premium charges will be at Buyer's expense.

Proof of purchase must be supplied to Seller to validate warranty. This warranty is valid only if equipment is properly installed, started-up and inspected by the dealer or authorized Victory Service agent.

Removal or alteration of the serial/data plate from any equipment shall be deemed to release Seller from all warranty obligations or any other obligations, expressed or implied.

This warranty does not cover Thermostat or Defrost Timer calibration and/or adjustment, freight damage, normal maintenance items outlined in Owner's Manual, adjustment of door mechanisms or replacement of light bulbs, fuses or batteries.

Any repairs or replacement of defective parts shall be performed by Seller's authorized service personnel. Seller shall not be responsible for any costs incurred if the work is performed by other than Seller's authorized service personnel. Reimbursement claims for part(s) or labor service costs must be made in writing. Model, cabinet serial numbers and installation location must be shown on the claim. A receipted bill from the servicing agency must accompany the claim, together with full details of the service problems, diagnosis and work performed. Victory reserves sole discretion whether further documentation on a claim is to be submitted.

Seller shall not be liable for consequential damages of any kind which occur during the course of installation of equipment, or which result from the use or misuse by Buyer, its employees or others of the equipment supplied hereunder, and Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy against Seller for any breach of the foregoing warranty or otherwise shall be for the repair or replacement of the equipment or parts thereof affected by such breach.

The foregoing warranty shall be valid and binding upon Seller if and only if Buyer loads, operates and maintains the equipment supplied hereunder in accordance with the instruction manual provided to Buyer. Seller does not guarantee the process of manufacture by Buyer or the quality of product to be produced by the equipment supplied hereunder and Seller shall not be liable for any prospective or lost product or profits of Buyer.


The foregoing shall be Seller's sole and exclusive obligation and Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for any action, whether in breach of contract or negligence. In no event shall Seller be liable for a sum in excess of the purchase price of the item.

You may register online at, fax this completed page to (856) 428-7299, or copy and mail form below to Victory.

*NOTE: The following mail-in form or online registration must be filled out and forwarded to Victory by the installer or customer within 10 days after start-up. Failure to do this will invalidate the warranties. Retain this information for your records.


TEL: (856) 428-4200 FAX: (856) 428-7299


Cabinet Model No.______________________

Cabinet Serial No._________________

(Data plate information located inside cooler on the upper left wall)

ORIGINAL DATE OF INSTALLATION __________________________________________________________________

INSTALLATION COMPANY NAME ____________________________________________________________________

STREET_______________________________ CITY_____________________ STATE______ ZIP CODE___________

DISTRIBUTOR’S NAME_____________________________________________________________________________

STREET_______________________________ CITY_____________________ STATE______ ZIP CODE___________


Proper installation is the first step to operation. We recommend that your Pizza Table Refrigerator be installed by an authorized Victory Certified Installer.

Receiving Shipment

All units are performance tested and thoroughly inspected prior to shipment. Upon leaving the factory, all units are in perfect condition. Upon receipt, examine the exterior of the shipment packaging for any signs of rough handling. If the cabinet is damaged, it should be noted on the delivery slip or bill of lading and signed. A claim must be filed immediately against the carrier indicating the extent and estimated cost of damage incurred.


Refer to “VPT Uncrating & Caster Installation Instructions”

Locating Your New Pizza Table Refrigerator

Consider the following when selecting a location cabinet:

1.Clearance - (a) Pizza Table Refrigerators are spaced 2” (inches) off the wall by the drain line cover. There are no spacing requirements for the sides of the unit. (b) Pizza Table lids must have at least 1” (inch) clearance when fully opened to avoid any damage when or if the unit is under any type of covering.

2.Floor Load - The floor on which the cabinet will rest must be free of vibration and suitably strong enough to support the combined weights of the cabinet plus the maximum product load.

3.Ventilation - The air cooled, self-contained refrigeration system requires a sufficient amount of cool, clean air. Avoid placing the refrigerator cabinet near heat generating equipment such as ovens, ranges, heaters, fryers, steam kettles,

etc., and out of direct sunlight. Avoid locating the self-contained refrigerator cabinet in an unheated room, or where the room temperature may be below 65°F.

4.Ambient Temperature - Pizza Table Refrigerators are approved for operation under NSF-7 standard which is for operation in +86°F room temperature.

Installing Casters

Refer to “VPT Uncrating & Caster Installation Instructions”


Refer to “VPT Uncrating & Caster Installation Instructions”

Cabinet Cleaning

Prior to placing your new Pizza Table Refrigerator and all shelves, pan dividers and food storage pans into operation, it is advisable that the interior be washed thoroughly with a mild detergent and water solution. Rinse with clear water and a sanitizing solution. Allow cabinet to air dry.

Installing Shelves

All cabinets with shelves are supplied with pilasters and shelf clip supports. Shelves are easily installed by inserting the shelf support clips into the pilasters so they fit tightly. Align the shelf so the smaller fill wires run from front to rear and rest the shelf on the clips.

Electric Supply

Wiring should be done by a qualified electrician in accordance with local electrical codes. A separate ground wire must be supplied for all installations. A properly wired refrigerator will assure proper operation. Electrical supply requirements are on the cabinet serial/data plate located on the upper left interior tank wall inside the cabinet. It is recommended that a direct, properly protected line of the proper size wire be installed from the main supply to your refrigerator. To assure that the correct voltage is being supplied, while the refrigerator is in operation take a voltage reading at the motorcompressor electrical connections, or as close to the motor-compressor as possible.

All refrigerator electrical systems are internally grounded.

Power Cord & Switch

The power cord for the Pizza Table Refrigerator is shipped inside the refrigeration compartment.

1.Remove the rear refrigeration cover. (See Figure 1)

2.Remove the two 1/4” hex head shipping bolts at the rear of the condensing unit base. With these shipping bolts removed, the condensing unit is serviceable from the front of the Pizza Table Refrigerator. (See Figure 2)

3.Feed the power cord plug thru the round opening and reinstall the rear refrigeration cover to provide power to the

Pizza Table Refrigerator.



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