Vantec C128, C123, C133 User Manual

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2+1 Serial & Parallel

PCI Host Card

Add Serial and Parallel Ports to your


Easily Add 2 Serial Ports and 1 Parallel Port To Any Computer

All 3 Ports Uses 1 PCI Slot

Works With Various USB Devices-Scanners, Modems, Digital Cameras, PDA,

Printers and More...

Compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.3

Supports 2 x UART Serial Ports

Add one IEEE 1284 Parallel Port on system

Easy Plug and Play

Automatically selects IRQ & I/O address

Built-in 16C450/550 compatible UART

On chip 256 byte FIFOs in transmit and receive path of each serial port

Serial data transfer rate up to 115200bps

Supports Standard Parallel Port (SPP), Enhanced Parallel (EPP) & Enhanced

Capability Port (ECP)

Parallel data transfer rate up to 1.5Mbytes/sec


The Vantec 2+1 SERIAL & PARALLEL PCI HOST CARD is the easiest way to add extra serial and parallel ports to any computer. Compliant with PCI local bus specification rev. 2.3, this host card will allow you to plug in three different (2 serial and 1 parallel) devices to a computer whether it be a scanner, modem, digital camera, PDA, printer, etc. Easy to use and easy to install, get your Vantec 2+1 SERIAL & PARALLEL PCI HOST CARD today.









2 x Internal Serial Ports (DB9 Male)



1 x External Parallel Port (DB25 Female)


OS Support:

Windows® 2000, XP/2003 32/64-bit, Vista 32/64-bit





System Requirement






Computer with an available PCI slot

Windows®2000, XP 32/64-bit, Vista 32/64-bit

Package Contents

Vantec 2+1 Serial & Parallel PCI Host Card, User's Manual, Driver CD, Low Profile Bracket

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