Tyco 1749L, 1746L, 1746L User Manual


1746L/1749L 17" LCD

Rear-Mount Touchmonitors

Elo offers 1746L and 1749L 17” LCD rear-mount touchmonitors that are ideal for indoor/outdoor kiosks, ticketing machines, medical equipment, industrial automation, and gaming/amusement applications. The 1749L features a wide viewing angle panel and the 1746L offers a lower spec panel. Both touchmonitors feature Elo’s clear glass IntelliTouch surface wave touch technology for the utmost in optical quality. The 1749L is also available with surface capacitive touch technology. The touchmonitors complement Elo’s existing family of 12.1", 15", 17" and 19" LCD chassis touchmonitors that feature a choice of Elo’s touch technologies.

The 1746L and 1749L 17” LDC rear-mount touchmonitors have identical form factors, differing only in their panel specifications, offering customers a choice that they can easily pass on to their customers. The 1746L and 1749L touchmonitors, like all of Elo's LCD chassis monitors, have a long-lasting product cycle because the enclosure is controlled by Elo's specifications. The monitors feature a unique injection-molded minibezel and virtually invisible watertight seal, plus a choice of mounting options including rear-mount VESA. The 1749L offers a Digital Video Input (DVI-I) in addition to the standard analog input. Both have built-in support for both serial and USB touch interface, a remote multilingual on-screen display (OSD), as well as worldwide power and agency approvals.


Choice of panel within same footprint, including high-quality 170° x 170° panel

Long-lasting product cycle— enclosure controlled by Elo specifications

Integrated precision minibezel with watertight 0.5 mm seal

Multiple mounting options including VESA mount

IntelliTouch surface-wave technology on pure glass for the ultimate in image quality

Combined serial and USB touch interface

Remote multilingual on-screen display (OSD)

Worldwide agency approvals

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